Achieving Satanic Youth through Female Sexual Abuse. Secrets of Hillary Clinton’s Lesbian Blood Rituals.

By Nicolas Duplessis
Origins of Human Sacrifice, Witches & Child Molestation.
I was listening to this guy named Fritz on the Alex Jones show, over the past couple of weeks. Fritz is the author of a book called Illuminati Blood Lines and he and Alex Jones are deliberately misleading people on the origins of the Illuminati because they still are trying to insist that low level Bohemian Grove People or low level slaves like Hillary Clinton are Illuminati by DNA and that’s simply not the case.
This is likely going to be my last article on the Illuminati before I release The Illuminati Bible, which will be a detailed history of the Illuminati on planet Earth.  It will take you from the time that the first Fallen Angels appeared on Earth, to the migration of Jews out of Lower South-East Africa, through all of the hidden great civilizations and conclude with the unnatural, self induced destruction of planet Earth.
Alex Jones and Fritz appears to think that the Illuminati is seeded in Egypt, which I can not blame them for this line of thought being that Ancient Egypt has been a deflector for the Illuminati for about 200 years. 
Egypt was a convenient starting point to weave tales of Jews, Greeks, Jesus, Persians and Romans because Egypt, like Israel, has been used by the Illuminati to paint this lie that the Euro tribes were great explorers and conquers, when in reality the indigenous European Tribes were some of the most isolated people on the planet with the mark of civilization touching them last.
  • Perhaps they fail to understand that Europe is not ruled by indigenous Europeans and Rome was not an Empire ruled by indigenous Europeans.
The Royal Family of Britain aren’t German (as Alex Jones proclaims), aren’t even Transylvanian but indeed they trace their roots into lower Africa, into Asia and then to Nimrod, which was Noah’s great grand son from the Cush Empire (Ethiopia/Egypt/Sudan) and if one looks at statues of Nimrod (, you will see that he is an East African/Asian mixed Jew and this is due to the fact that the Negroid Jews expanded into Asia and Australia.
(Nimrod, the great grandson of Noah)
  • Mt. Mur in South Eastern Africa, was a pyramid-shaped mountain that Jews came down from and started the first seeds of civilizations and the Pyramids that we see in Latin America and Egypt weren’t even called “pyramids” but were called “Murs” because the Jews modeled these pyramids off of the Mountain in lower South East Africa, which resembled a triangle.
  • In that region of Africa, Swahili, is the language which the people spoke & speak, which means that the very first language spoken on the Earth was Swahili, which also means that Swahili is the native language of Adam (first man in Hebrew) and also the native language of the Illuminati.
  • When everyone thought that the Illuminati was doing a ritual in Egypt on 11-11-11 of last year, it was a fake out. There were even news articles about Egypt having to close down the Pyramids to prevent these supposedly rituals, when in reality the meeting place was Lower Africa on 11-11-11.
If we look at the Illuminati Commandments or the Georgia Guide Stones in Ga. State, one of the languages inscribed into this Guide Stone is Swahili.  Even if we look at replicas of text being created in modern and present day Israel, one will always notice that Swahili is always included among the central languages. 
Why is this? No one speaks Swahili?  No one in America even knows what Swahili sounds like but yet the United States has giant stones, created by their Illuminati Rulers, which talk about wiping out 90% of the world’s population and yet Swahili was an important enough language to include and to be maintained after the supposedly Apocalypse, on these Guide Stones!
It is an Illuminati Rule that homage must be paid to the mother tongue and the Illuminati Blood Lines must never forget their origins.
We didn’t just see human sacrifices in the Aztec Culture, Greek Culture, Roman Culture but we can trace these sacrifices to the Fallen Angels but they were not done directly by the Fallen Angels or Lucifer.  Did the Illuminati actually perform human sacrifices?  No.  Remember that Lucifer can only temp or possess but he can not act directly, which is yet another reason why the slave class of the New World Order is failing in the agenda.
Most Americans do not realize that the average American lived an average life span of 90 to 100 just 80 years ago!  It is only through the effects of processed chemical laced food and pollution in the environment that Americans are now only expected to live 70 years and that life expectancy rate is falling fast.
Monsanto, the GMO Frankenstein Corp, that is responsible for lacing U.S. crops and food supply with bioweapons, gets kicked out of Britain
  • Why is it, that when one reads the Torah or Christian Bible, the characters lived hundreds of years?  Well, this was done though rituals given to early Jews by Fallen Angels and even Lucifer himself.
Hillary Clinton, according to Fritz the author Illuminati Blood lines, does lesbian rituals at a castle in Belgium.  Yes, Fritz and Alex Jones are 100% correct in this info but Hillary Clinton is the one that is misled. 
Through the ages, the Illuminati had spin-off slaves classes of people, mostly European because the European Tribes were the easiest to indoctrinate because Europe went a very long time in isolation and there really was no central religion found in Europe, like one found in parts of Asia, the Americas and Africa.
So, it is very easy for the Illuminati to mold and shape Europeans into a narrative of fantasy and this was the goal of the Holy Roman Empire, which was basically run by non-indigenous Europeans, even though many Europeans appear to think that they were colonizers of Israel, Egypt and even ancient North America.
The Royal Families of Europe (no matter what they may appear) can not trace their roots to any of the indigenous European Tribes and neither can anyone from the so called “Illuminati Blood Lines”.  If we look at what is happening in Eastern Europe, an Illuminati Strong Hold that hosted the Illuminati after they made their way all around the world, up from Cush, into the Middle East then into Central/Eastern Europe and finally into Western/Northern Europe during the Roman Empire, we will see that Queen Elizabeth is handing over Romania to an Arab. 
  • Arafat is Illuminati by blood line, he is an Arab Doctor and he is also on the verge of being the next head of Romania.
  • So, what we see is a modern day example, at how Europe has never been ruled by indigenous Europeans, at least not since Rome moved in and even Rome came up from the Middle East.
 Arab set to take control of Eastern European Country
Romanians take to streets and demand Arab Official (Arafat) be returned to power
Maybe this Arab Doctor that is being propped up to run an Eastern Europe country will mate with European Women, but it still doesn’t change the fact that in a couple of generations, even if his off spring comes out with blond hair and blue eyes and they end up being propped up into Norway as Royalty, THEY STILL ARENT EUROPEANS. 
The blood line will still come from the Middle East, down into Egypt/Cush and will have originated from Lower South East Africa.  It doesn’t matter what they look like on the outside, they still aren’t one of you!  This single concept is one of the most difficult to explain when speaking about the Illuminati to white people.  The Illuminati are masters at camouflage & they know how to work and control the ego of the white cave animal.
Now lets get into the rituals of the Fallen Angels and Illuminati.  In the original Jewish texts and the texts of the Fallen Angeles, the animals that inhabited the Earth possessed a life force which they (fallen angels) didn’t readily produce.
This energy was at its peak when a pre-adolescent female animal of the Earth, was about to turn 12 (, which is why Jews will Bat Mitzvah a female Jew at the age of 12 but males have a Bar Mitzvah at the age of 13.
At this time, the female animal has an energy that can extend one’s life and give one beauty but to harness this energy the Fallen Angel and even early Jews, had to have sex with the animal pre-teen female and would often keep them as slaves in a room.  This is how the Earth Animals, which looked like Big Foots, became hybrid humans.
It is no secret that pre-teen girls can cause psychic activity and even hauntings because demons are attracted to their life force, especially around the age of 12 or 13.
It is no secret that girls can even play games like “Light as a Feather/Stiff as a Board” and cause levitation and usually they can do this up until the age of 16.
So, what Hillary Clinton is doing when she is at this castle in Belgium is simply a warped version of a ritual that was passed down through the ages.  Some cultures interpreted this as child sacrifice and even if we take Queen Bathory ( of Central-East Europe she would take the young daughters of the local peasants and kill them & drink their blood because she believed that this would give her lasting youth and beauty. This was in the early 1600′s but the Illuminati was teaching this practice tens of thousands of years prior and before most Europeans were mixed with any human blood.  This is what Hillary Clinton does and what Hollywood Actresses like Anjie Jolie and Madonna do, when they appear to go into Africa or Europe and hibernate.
So, all of the stories and tales of human sacrifices and modern day sacrifices of children aren’t being done by the true Illuminati but instead this is yet another ritual that was brought down with the Fallen Angels, all though the Fallen Angels didn’t perform sacrifices, they did instigate the practice, which is why human sacrifice are found in so many ancient cultures.
Now what did the Fallen Angels and early Jews promise in exchange for the use of sucking the life force out of girls?  The Fallen Angels (spoken about in the Book of Enoch) gave these females the gifts of the occult. 
This is why most witches are thought of as female, because most witches that possessed some occult knowledge of enlightenment were female.  Most of these witches are depicted as old hags, because once the Fallen Angels and early jews performed the rituals on a 12 year old girl, she would rapidly age and could easily be mistaken for a 60 year old woman.
This is exactly where you get your female witches and why you see people like Hillary Clinton taking part in these under age female lesbian rituals in Europe.
They are trying to be Illuminati but they are still a slave class, left to pathetic tricks and a longing to be immortal.
Hollywood Actress, Demi Moore, almost kills herself in search of youth and beauty
NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg, gives huge sums of money to kill children in the United States of Satan(over 50 million babies have been killed via abortion in the US)
Occupy Kentucky takes aim at Nazi Government’s Indefinite Detention Law, in the United States of Satan
Nazi & racist state of Israel blames Hassidic Jews instead of addressing its own Satanism and fraud “jewish homeland” narrative
Satanist Pop Singer, Madonna, awarded with Half Time Show during Super Bowl, in the United States of Satan
Satanist Madonna to start her world Satanic Tour in Israel
Slutty 13 year old girls get fitted for birth control at school without parents knowledge, so they can start fucking ASAP
NFL (National Idiotic Football Faggot League) Set to pay child molesting rocker major money
Indiana Elections Chief, guilty of egregious voter fraud and election riggin, in the United States of Satan
Tony Blair, Former British Prime Minister, Goldman-Sachs Employee and UN’s Mid-East Envoy obsessed with Satanism and Demonic possession
Goldman-Sachs, the Nazi Wall St Criminal Firm, Sued for loan fraud
Egypt puts fraud, racist, UN, US backed NGO group of instigators from America on trial
Jewish Rabbi found guilty of faking ancient Torah Scrolls (Typical)
Violent, steroid head Satanic thug cops, in the United States of Satan, violently attack innocent, Christian Occupy protesters in Washington DC
Satanic American Mom, adds chemical to her 5 month old baby’s IV
Occupy Oakland moves to support boycott on the fraud Nazi State of Israel
US Veterans call United States of Satan’s Wars bullshit and fraud
Madonna’s Satanic Lesbian Video (Song Written by Lenny Kravitz)
Los Angeles, Ca School Teacher feeds little school children his semen

In 2007, the United States of Satan, informed Iran that the US will commit terror against Americans and blame the Iranian Government
Satanic US Law Makers steal milllions of dollars from tax payers in order to line the pockets of their family members
What does American, British, Israel, CIA and British MI6 Created ”Democracy” look like in Egypt? Torture, Fake Trials, Brutality
Satanist Oprah Winfrey built school in S. Africa to molest children
Satanic & corrupt D.A.’s Office in Los Angeles encourages semen feeding and child molestation
Illuminati rain jelly bioweapon down into man’s garden (blue balls fall from sky)
Satanic Mexican Immigrant finger fucks old white hag in New Orleans after running her over
Mexican Immigrant in New Orleans found guilty of murder & finger fucking–138690234.html
Ca. Nuclear Plant leaking radiation
Lawsuit Filed Against Government Over Assassination Of U.S. Citizens –

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