Abby Martin Explains Afghanistan

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The establishment controls both parties and selects leaders who serve the establishment. Even in rare cases when a leader opposed by the establishment gets into office, the establishment turns on him and prevents his leadership by demonizing him.  Trump's first term has been smothered in lies intended to prevent his reelection.

The US media lost what remained of its independence when President Clinton signed off on its concentration in a few establishment hands.  The US has had no trustworthy, print or TV media for more than 20 years.  

Look around you today.  What are Americans media-indoctrinated to be concerned with?  The death of felon drug abuser, woman abuser George Floyd who killed himself overdosing on a dangerous opioid.  The media has ignored the medical report and has blamed Floyd's self-inflicted death on Minneapolis police. Dumbshit Americans have fallen for it.

Americans are endlessly gullible. That is why they are a doo
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