A Golden Age of Islam & Illuminati (Rise of the Islamic State for a King of Kings)

America and Europe’s White-Euro Race War against Islamic State


These infidels will tell you that they were in Northern Iraq protecting Christians but all I saw were f-18’s using laser guided missiles to protect oil companies. 

Kurdish Leader and Zionist collaborators, Qubad Talabani along with a fraud CIA Mosque outfit out of Deerborn, Michigan (Islam House of Wisdom) are being used by the Zionist pigs and infidels to bad mouth out Islamic State.

Ya see, it was ok for the British to go in and create fake borders in the Mid East after WW1.  And then after bankers, IBM, and Europeans from Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands instigated Adolph Hitler, these Nazis created the United Nations and used the UN to create a fraud Jewish State in 1948.  Yet, when the Zionist and these infidels invaded Palestine and beheaded Muslim Children, castrated Muslim Men and performed Nazi Experiments on Middle Eastern Jews, there was no talk of genocide, war crimes or crimes against humanity

  • There was never an Israel (Isis-Ra Elohim) there was only Judea and then Palestine but even Judea was home to Mid East Jews and not a bunch of white people from Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine and Russia.  So, lets send these kikes back home to their caves & bring in a Golden Age of Islam.


Egypt is bad mouthing the Islamic State, calling us evil, but as I recall, had it not been for me saying how White Americans went into Egypt and faked the election of Morsi (Muslim  Brotherhood) while the IMF, EU and World Bank proceeded to impoverish Egyptians in under six month via their financial terrorist tactics, the UAE and Saudi Arabia never would have had the guts to bail out Egypt and rescue our Muslim Land from the infidels.  The military head of Egypt should shut the fuck up. WE SAVED HIS ASS!  How dare he bad mouth us?!!!  We shall indeed fuck his daughters and behead every last one of these Zionist Infidel Arabs!



  • Now, the six inch cock Americans will attempt ground troops and air bombings.  Holy Warriors must use guerilla warfare.  NO MORE CARAVANS. 

We must take cover in the homes of the Kurds and Shia that have betrayed their own region for outsiders.  No more taking of 35 year old women but only take 20 year olds and under because our Holy Warriors will get on the best of pussy.  Only the tightest of pussy will be allowed in the Islamic State.



If America sends in ground troops we do it Roman Style, which means we fuck them and behead them, allowing them to see their gaping butt holes before they die.

 illuminatisymbolsWe control the dams and infrastructure and now we can begin funding ourselves.  We must expand our ranks of Holy Warriors.


In the mean time, do not allow these infidels to call us war criminals, because we were not the ones that killed over one million Iraqis, it was the Americans and Shia (Iraq and Iran).  The infidels and their Shia/Kurd Collaborators used depleted uranium (a mild dirty nuke weapon) via their pathetic military ammunition and have caused our children to be born deformed.  These are crimes that Allah and the Islamic State must avenge.  Victory is in sight.

Do not worry about America’s Military, they are simply a bunch of estrogen filled six inched men, combat units laced with women or even trans-sexuals that use female hormones.  For America to think that they can beat Holy Warriors of Allah, with their freak show is simply pathetic.

libyaobamaObama is a dumb white bitch trapped in a black man’s body.

 beatingheartWe will consolidate the entire Middle East and Southern Europe under our Islamic State and after that has come to pass, Allah shall bless us with a REAL King and not the Gulf Arab Man-Made Royal Zionist Frauds.

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