A Funny/Sad Post…

at the Above Top Secret forum caught my attention. I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s probably just some kid goofing, but then again, there is some serious delusion and derangement going on at this particular forum, so one never knows….

I have been doing some research and a friend of mine and I want to capture a demon, well former angel, and we don’t want to do anything too stupid.”

Too late.

We have blessed weapons for fighting it should things get to out of hand.”

Um. ‘Kay.

“But we have only found one way of containing it ….. allowing it to temporarily enter my body.”

Evidently they don’t have any Tupperware on hand.

“I know I am stronger than it because I spent quite some time in japan training my mind and body. We also know that we cannot kill it only ‘Bannish It [sic]’ temporarily. The problem is I’m not sure of the best way to call it,so I was hoping that one of the demontologists on here could help us. Thank You.”

When in doubt, turn to online demonologists. Good thinking.

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