A century-old menace: Images from 1916 show first powered Scooters…

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News Story Source: https://www.dailymail.co, By KATIE WESTON
While motorised scooters may seem like a new phenomenon, incredible black and white photographs taken more than a century ago have revealed how the vehicles have been 'terrorising' drivers and pedestrians alike for several decades.  

Although the majority of these vehicles, known as Autopeds, were powered by petrol, electric versions were also made available to the Edwardian public. 

Part of the scooter's popularity during the First World War was due to its very low fuel consumption, providing transportation for many who couldn't afford a car or a motorcycle. 

But a set of images dating back to the early 20th century – when the Autoped made its debut in city centres – includes a newspaper article warning that the scooters 'might add new terrors to city life'.

The photo library also features high-profile figures such as Lady Florence Norman, a British activist and Suffragette, who is seen riding her scooter around London in 19
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