666 Ways the Regime Is Telling You the Truth Right To Your Face

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News Story Source: https://dollarvigilante.com, Jeff Berwick
Crow tacos to be specific, according to Lucy.

If you're looking for Max Igan, here's a hint: You'll find him about 9,000-odd miles to the east (as the crow flies) at Casa Berwick. 

But of course, seeing as Aussie citizens are still not allowed to leave prison island, Australia's police thugs are unlikely to travel soon. Instead, they will continue to focus hard on:

1) ensuring that renegades who dare to walk in the park maskless, under the auspice of drinking a beverage, are indeed sipping from full coffee cups; and 

2) enforcing Dan Andrews' mandate that Victorians without vaccine passports will be excluded from economic and social activities.

Who else sees a pattern here? You should, because the Regime always tells us what they're going to do – whether it's verbatim or hidden in signs and symbols. And those signs and symbols are no longer carefully concealed, but openly used by people like Brandon Biden, Little Red Lying Hood
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