4409 — Stick figure slap downs (Photo Radar)

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1. Photo Radar Lover: The politicians, police, and local news papers said photo radar is about safety
2. Mr. Stick: Well, first to call it photo radar is a little deceitful since they are recording video 24hrs a day… Its about safety huh?
3. Mr. Stick: Why yes, there is no way these bureaucrats¬† or socialist police unions would ever have their hand in that bucket of cash generated from this scheme would they….
4. Mr. Stick: I guess its about safety when municipalities get busted lowering the yellow light time to dangerous levels just to increase their revenue.. I guess its also about safety when someone slams on their brakes and gets rear ended because of a fast yellow.
5. Photo Radar Lover: Well, just slow down and you won’t get a ticket!
6. Mr. Stick: Oh, so you don’t think its possible for a computer machine toquote, “malfunction”
7. Mr. Stick: This has happened to many municipalities in the past and guess what, NONE of the people scammed out their money were given refunds. Why is this. because they can! All they have to do is just turn the fraud level up when they need more revenue!…Its so Easy.
8. Photo Radar Lover: But i thought government loved me and cared about me!
9. Mr. Stick: Well, while you’re in your psychotic illusion that government loves you, they’re busy ram rodding their heart shaped dildo up your ass and extracting cash….
10. Mr. Stick: Seriously, What fucking drugs are you on because I want to stay away from that shit. You must be high on that new form of Oxycotin called, Statistcotin.
11. Mr. Stick: Did you know that studies have shown that just increasing the yellow light times reduces red light running to nearly zero. but cities are not doing this because there is no money in increasing the yellow times.
12. Mr. Stick: Did you also know the photo radar companies are 4 profit Corporations. This means all of their shareholders stand to benefit when their machines magically “malfunction.”
13. Photo Radar Lover: But wait a minute, it says STATE of Arizona and department of public safety at the top of the ticket.
14. Mr. Stick: Of course it does because they’re in bed with the companies, but the tickets are actually issued by corporations like Red flex and A. T. S. …The state and police logos are just tools, used to fool statists, like you, who worship them, and do what you’re told like a good slave!
15. Photo Radar Lover: Oh, so I guess its just a big conspiracy
16. Mr. Stick: Yes, A conspiracy to pirate cash from your ass. Did you know that a portion of your ticket goes to fund political campaigns.
17. Photo Radar Lover: You’re kidding right!
18. Mr. Stick: No, I’m not kidding. Now go stuff that in your conspiracy vagina and smoke it.
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