4 Inch Wafer of Trillions of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes

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News Story Source: https://www.nextbigfuture.com, by Brian Wang
They can coat an entire 4-inch wafer with a uniform array of highly aligned carbon nanotubes in 40 seconds.

A purification process produces nanotubes in solvents, or nanotube inks, which they then flow at a constant velocity and thickness over a layer of water. At the interface between the ink and water, the nanotubes begin to concentrate and self-organize, forming a liquid crystal. That liquid crystal is then transferred on a substrate moved through the ink and water interface. The result is a wafer covered in trillions of highly aligned carbon nanotubes.

The nanotube density is near that needed for electronics. They determined the alignment of the tubes to be within 6° locally. This almost ideal nanotube ordering led to excellent electrical properties that were confirmed consistent across the entire wafer.

The process is a big advance for carbon nanotube research. However, it does need some tweaks before nanotube computer processors end up in smartphones and laptops. The
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