The New Illuminati – And You Thought The Old Conspiracies Were Crazy


This ain’t my grandfather’s Illuminati


By tony Sokol/ Art By Alt Variety

There are a lot of sites with a lot of information and disinformation and misinformation and thatandthisinformation on the Illuminati, the power-behind-the-scenes, the men behind the curtain who run the world through puppet governments and social experiments. The kingmakers and assassins who have been controlling the minds of the masses since society began to get social. They are reputedly behind the American, French and Russian revolutions, funded World War II, killed the Kennedys and are in the midst of either preparing the human race for slaughter, or psychologically indoctrinating us to a one-world, socialist government or desensitizing us to sex and violence and religious disrespect. They are said to be the upper-echelon of the Freemasons, or the richest families of the world, or the biggest corporations in the world, or sons of Yale graduates or reptilian extraterrestrials. This is probably the greatest conspiracy theory of all time. Because it encompasses all time.

These people were programmed to respond to vampire triggers and I apparently had pulled some of those triggers while on TV.

The Illuminati makes a great villain on the internet. It is Darth Vader. It is the Evil Empire. It is an internet cottage cheese industry and everything about them can be found, including things that have nothing to do with them. It is difficult to separate the real from the bullshit, especially when the real is more myth than reality. Some sites like Illuminati-News treat the group broadly and grandly. Vigilant Citizen interprets media through an Illuminated lens, such as finding an Illuminati symbolism rampant during coverage of the Chilean miners rescue. A large number of these sites are religious. They consider the Illuminati to be anti-religious. They think the group is Satanic and behind every conspiracy in recorded history. Most sites link modern Illuminati infiltration to MK Ultra and other experimental psychological warfare operations.

When I was a kid, I read in a presidential encyclopedia that there were a growing number of people who believed that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy and I became a fan of conspiracies, if not a believer. Conspiracies make stories more interesting. There is a school of thought that the Illuminati were behind the assassination and that it was actually a ritual that would traumatize the country and ready the people for the changes that they were going to bring about in the coming decade. I had been given the book Communism, Hypnotism and The Beatles, by David Noebel, on a street in New York, but had never read it. I believed it to be the John Birch Society ultra-conservative propaganda that it was.  My grandfather, an old-school left-leaning prole, talked about world-business controlling conspiracies involving the Freemasons and believed that the moon landing was a hoax. (Stanley Kubrick is rumored to have been hired to fake the moon landing. His forward-thinking photographic sensibility didn’t go unnoticed by the executive producers of the world. This event has been cited as his own introduction to the Illuminati). I first became aware of the Illuminati conspiracies through an uncle of mine who hosted a WOR-AM radio talk show about conspiracies and the new age. He bought me the book Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper. It inspired me to read The Illuminatus Trilogy by Roberts Shea and Anton Wilson. A great read once you get past the first 100 pages. I began to take a serious look into these conspiracies while I was writing Vampyr Theatre in the early 90s.

One of the first people I interviewed claiming to be a vampire took me to an east mid-town Manhattan section that was dominated by buildings owned by the Vanderbilts. She explained that it was one of the most evil places on the planet. Another vampiric interviewee from Spain told me she was part of a secret society but our interview was interrupted as she was carried away and I was literally held to a chair by three young, angry men claiming to be her brothers.  This happened in an East Village diner and no one seemed to even notice it was happening. It was around this time that an envelope was slipped under my 19thStreet apartment door at around two in the morning. I thought it was a takeout menu and didn’t look at it until the next morning. The envelope contained papers detailing the power structure of the Illuminati, the network of moneyed families and governmental agencies that kept it moving and secret. I thought it was a pretty nutty leaflet, but I recognized the name and the theories.

They came for me


I gave out my phone number when I appeared on the Joan Rivers television show and was contacted by vampires; people who wanted to be vampires, people who believed I was a vampire and people who had undergone trauma conditioning to have a vampire personality programmed into them after their personalities had been shattered into hundreds of pieces. These people were programmed to respond to vampire triggers and I apparently had pulled some of those triggers while on TV. I interviewed many of them and became friendly with a few of them. Their memories were terrible. Their claims were unbelievable. Several of them had proof and they wanted to disseminate this information, sometimes in the form of government papers that they had smuggled out of various mental health facilities or military complexes. When these began showing up on the internet, I recognized them as having passed through my hands. Right down to coffee stains.

I interviewed people who claimed they were singled out because they were children of families that had a history of intergenerational abuse. I also spoke with Mark Philips, the ex-CIA husband of Cathy O’Brien, who wroteTranceFormation of America. These people had their personalities augmented through ritualistic torture. A lot of them became militarized. I spoke to one woman who “shifted” to an eight year old personality who bragged about shooting watermelons with semiautomatic rifles and wishing those watermelons were people.  I learned of Projects Paperclip and Monarch and sundry other names that I’ve been warned against using. I was warned about a group of military vigilantes called the Posse Comitatus and the Spider Coalition who were going to “do something really bad” days before the Oklahoma City governmental building bombing. The Mayor of Oklahoma City initially gave a statement that named the same names, but recanted that statement within 24 hours. Recanting is a big thing with these people. From the Presidio military day care scandal to the mass of satanic ritual child abuse reports in the late 90s, most people who make these claims later recant their statements.  Whether they recant because their memories change or because they are threatened or somehow bought off, I have never been sure.

What I am sure of is that since computers have been linked into the social network they have now become, there are millions of sites dealing with thousands of variations on these theories. I think a lot of them are intentional attempts to give out bad information and make the theories themselves look ridiculous. They veer into territory that has nothing to do with the original theories as their claims hurtle towards the ridiculous. Anyone steeped in Illuminati culture who has read the Dan Brown work Angels and Demons probably wouldn’t even recognize that Illuminati as their own. There are so many Illuminatis now. There are so many conspiracies that have been attributed to this group. No one group could be that busy. There must be a conspiracy of multiple conspirators reaching across the aisle to other conspirators to muddy the waters until we are all part of the conspiracy. This doesn’t lessen the dangers of conspiracies. There are real threats that conspiracies pose. I had the occasion to talk with William Cooper before he was shot, in the back, in self-defense, and was supposed to work with T. Casey Brennan on my JFK assassination rock opera before I was swindled and he was hit by a car in 2003. We are now back in touch and I am now joining the AltVariety conspiracy coalition to try and separate some of the “fact” from the fiction.

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