Zucker-Bucks Facebook is paying $397 to a million people over disturbing privacy breach…

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News Story Source: Natural News
(Natural News) Facebook users in Illinois were part of a seven-year, Class Action Lawsuit against the company that concluded last year.

(Article by Harry Pettit republished from The-Sun.com)

The tech titan – now called Meta – reached a $650million settlement of claims it collected and stored millions of users' biometric data.

The lawsuit claimed that Meta used photo face-tagging and other biometric data – physical characteristics – on the sly.

According to NBC Chicago, payments started getting mailed out to Class Members on May 9, 2022.

The settlement website says will take two weeks to finish mailing the checks and processing the electronic payments.

Recipients got between $200 and $400 per person from the Settlement Fund, the settlement website states.

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