Zuck Apology Tour Escalates:

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News Story Source: zerohedge.com by Tyler Durden
As George Bush once famously said, "fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can't get fooled again," and as billions of the world's zombies realize they've been spied on – and had their information trafficked (what exactly did they think made Facebook's market cap over half a trillion dollars anyway?)…

Facebook's critical aim is to counter the "you can't fool me again" #deletefacebook trend as its World Apology Tour escalates.

Having done the ubiquitous CNN confessional (Zuck's robotic and logical appearance did not help), they shifted to a softer more 'mea culpa' approach with Sandberg's CNBC interview (we get it, we screwed up, but hey, remember the bad actors), Facebook – well to be more accurate – Mark Zuckerberg, has taken out full-page, Facebook-logo-less, ads in many of the world's most popular newspapers this Sunday morning with one clear message – "we're sorry… and we won't do i
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