Zombie Church

…I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.


Well, here it is! We’re here…it’s now!
We live in a time where not only does the church sleep, but it no longer helps the innocent. The church is DEAD! For intent purposes, it’s a empty building with empty pews. The people which sit in the pews are brain dead. Harsh? YES, but it’s true.
The church sleeps while the people are persecuted.
Not only will I present TRUTH of what I say, but also proof that our leaders are either in bed with Satan or their asleep too.


Our very own President said:
I watched in horror as Barack Obama made the statement with pride…”We are no longer a Christian nation; we are now a Nation of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, . .
Obama: We are no longer a Christian Nation [link]
Sure, this is meant to imply that we are a mix of people, but that’s what we’ve been all along…why the need to make such a statement?
“When preaching is outlawed, only outlaws will preach.”


Numerous events have been making headlines for some time now, but the stories which I will showcase here will be things we’ve only seen in other countries…NOT in our own! How are we, as AMERICAN’S allowing such events to take place. We’ve always been a country of mixed religions, races and cultures so what’s different now?


New Orleans police officers arrested Pastor Troy Bohn and five of his ministering members on Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana because they were being too aggressive in their preaching.
But, that wasn’t enough!!
Bohn went on to say that “We had our cross set up, and one young man that works with us [named Logan] was sharing the Gospel.” He continued that then a police sergeant from the New Orleans Police Department came along and Bohn asked what the problem was.
According to Bohn, the Sergeant replied that there was an ordinance against “aggressive solicitation” and he was placing them under arrest. Bohn continued that he then heard the sergeant say to the other officers to find out what church they were from because they planned to go after them next.

sorrow room

Meghan Darling, the officer in question, disrupted the service just prior to the sacrament of Communion.
“Officer Darling went over to the church with the father of the child hoping to mediate a peaceful exchange for the child who was with her grandparents,” Alexander said.
The child, who is believed to live with her grandparents, was partaking in the service. Her grandfather, the Rev. Freddie Tellis was officiating the church service at the time of the interruption.
“I respect that they have a job to do, but the way they went about it was wrong,” Tellis said. “The police had no authority to violate the sanctity of a worship service.”


I was behind this woman 100%. I watched in horror as she was arrested for not giving homosexuals a marriage license. It made nantional news, most likely even the world news. After spending six days in jail she was released.
Kim Davis’ Speech After Returning To Work Monday,Sept 14, 2015 [link]


Michael Salman, Phoenix Pastor, Jailed For Holding Church Services Without Proper Permits


Oklahoma Trooper Fatally Shoots Pastor; Alleges He Attacked During High Water Rescue; Wife Disputes Police Version


‘Personhood’ Leader Keith Mason Says His Family Home Was Attacked

New Mexico pastor gets attention for comments on same-sex marriage


Good Samaritans: Men that come to aid of preacher recovering from stab wounds

Gregory Weiler II Found Not Guilty By Insanity In Church Bomb Plot

Baker forced to make gay wedding cakes, undergo sensitivity training, after losing lawsuit


Obama invites transgender, ‘gay’ bishop, pro-abortion nun to meet pope
103-year-old Elberton woman told to stay out of church after 92 years of attendance

You see our country…no wait…our world is invaded by demons. The veil thins, and like never before. I think The Holy Spirit is about to be pulled from us…scary as it is.
There are hundreds of these kinds of videos. I only placed several here but the intensity and occurrences and the exponential increase!

Cops accused of erasing street preacher’s evidence http://www.examiner.com/article/cops-destroy-video-evidence-of-evangelists-arrests-philadelphia
A Christian missionary who preaches the Gospel message in public places across the nation says officers from the University of Pennsylvania illegally arrested him and tampered with evidence about their actions during a preaching mission on public walks in front a Philadelphia mosque.


Evangelists Jailed for Preaching at New Jersey Train Station, Police Cite Terroristic Concerns http://christiannews.net/2012/06/26/evangelists-jailed-for-preaching-at-new-jersey-train-station-police-cite-terroristic-concerns/

Missionary jailed on Independence Day in US after preaching in 13 other closed countries with no problems http://christiannews.net/2012/07/05/missionary-jailed-in-north-carolina-for-telling-officers-to-repent-on-independence-day/

“[I spent] 13 months in Communist, Muslim, and various other countries without freedoms, and only in America on Independence Day do I get arrested and charged with some bogus charges over preaching the Gospel,” said Jesse Boyd.
Holly Ridge Mayor Elmer Padgett, who was reached at his home, stated that police have “the right” to stop people from speaking “if someone complains.”
Boyd and Springer were beaten by an angry crowd earlier this year while preaching on the Ten Commandments in Nepal. They suffered multiple injuries from being battered with boards, stones and bare fists.


Atheist Wins Jesus Sign Battle: Georgia School District Will Remove Poster, Stop Graduation Prayers

Missouri Police Descend Upon, Arrest Evangelists Preaching Gospel in Public Square [link]

Man calls police on preacher, for making them feel “uncomfortable” & the police response [link]

Violence Erupts on Bourbon Street in New Orleans [link]


Denny Schaffer Show 99.5 WRNO – “Preachers Arrested” [link]

SEATTLE — A protester holding a sign reading “Repent or Else” was attacked by a group of people following a loud argument during Pridefest Sunday, according to the Seattle Police Department.
Preacher Attacked At Seattle Gay Pridefest 2013 [link]

In this video, you will see Kerrigan Skelly & John McGlone of PinPoint Evangelism http://www.pinpointevangelism.com & Tracy Bays of Hope Possible http://www.hopepossible.org preaching to the 2013 Louisiville, KY Sodomite Shame Parade participants and their supporters, at the “After Party” area. In this clip of the preaching, you get to see just how violent the Sodomites and their friends are.


VIOLENT HOMOSEXUALS ATTACK PREACHERS | 2013 Louisville Homosexual Pride Parade [link]

Preachers attacked by homosexuals at St. Pete Gay Pride Parade [link]

Street Preachers beaten at Justin Timberlake Concert in Tulsa on 11-21-2013 – COPS IGNORE IT! [link]

Weed Smokers Attempt To Assault Preacher [link]

Preacher attacked and beaten while preaching, sent to hospital. [link]

18 Year Old Preacher Assaulted [link]


Threatened by a Demon: “Do you know who I am?” [link]

Missouri Police Descend Upon, Arrest Evangelists Preaching Gospel in Public Square [link]


Preacher Viciously Attacked by Lunatic [link]

woman spits on and sexually ASSAULTS street preacher, call the POLICE!!!! [link]

Preacher Gets Assaulted & Harassed! | 2015 Kentucky Oaks | Kerrigan Skelly [link]


Street Preacher gets assaulted [link]

Liquor Store Calls Cops on Street Preacher [link]
He was not blocking the door and standing in front of the door, he was walking back and forth-these people called 911 acted like he was a danger. He had a bible in his hand and was preaching.-HE WAS ACCUSED OF THREATENING BY PREACHING


DRUNK ATTACKS Preacher! NYE Bash [link]

Demonized Man Threatens After Zombicon Street Preaching [link]

Preacher attacked on Kilburn high road [link]


Open Air Preaching with a Demon Possessed Heckler [link]

DEMONS, south beach MIAMI, NEW YEARS EVE [link]


Thugs VICIOUSLY ATTACK Street Preachers Outside Strip Club | Jesse Morrell Beaten for Jesus [link]

Street Preacher attacked by angry woman [link]



Street Preachers Harassed And Arrested Compilation [link]
He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.
This article will emphasize the FACT that the church is no longer valid in a world of evil elite who manipulate the very heart of the church itself. Signs of the masterminds behind the veil?

Mr. Dollar…what is the name of your preacher?
Churches that hide their finances, but support their RICH preacher…is an abomination. As a person who is giving money to the church, you have every right to know where it is spent. A legitimate ministry has nothing to hide.
A preacher who spends more time trying to figure out how to make more money to put in his pocket is deceiving himself. Writing books for the profit of his own pocketbook is a sin. Helping people is what the minister is to do, not line his pockets with money. I am NOT saying a preacher cannot have money…we all need money to survive but if he lives in a mansion but the church is in need then something is not right.


Every man for himself! There is a coffee shop in the lobby, a band in the lounge and the television playing for children in nursery. The purpose of the church is to have THE WORD, not to bring into it the temptations of the world. How many people do you know that are on their phone skimming over FACEBOOK while the sermon is being preached?
Bleeding Heart Sinners
We are all sinners, and we NEED the Word to keep us in check. In a church where they don’t preach to the sinners, and the meat of the sermon is missing is like rotten fruit. It will never produce a good crop. If you don’t preach about sin, how will you ever conquer it? Jesus Christ told us to be on our toes…always on guard. He will come like a thief in the night but how do we know when that is if we don’t get the Truth! The Bible gives allows us to discern and warn others about the times, and to keep our faith close to our heart.
The true church is one where Christ is acknowledged as its Head, the Bible is preached and taught, and the way of salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ’s death and bodily resurrection, the Holy Spirit is obeyed in the leadership and the people, and the Great Commission is being carried out.


The NIV bible is published by Zondervan, which is OWNED by Harper Collins, which also publishes The Satanic Bible and The Joy of Gay Sex.
Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie;


1) Leadership has no clear vision.
2) Leadership can never be challenged.
3) You are comfortable but never challenged.
4) Members are content with being pew warmers.
5) Outreach is never planned or preached.

The church has five purposes:
1) Worship/Prayer – We were created to give God praise and to have a personal relationship with Him through prayer (Psalm 72:15).
2) Learning – We were designed to become like Christ by seeking Him daily in His Word (2 Timothy 3:16-17).
3) Fellowship – We were formed to be part of God’s family (Acts 2:44-45).
4) Service – We were shaped to have a ministry within the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:4-7).
5) Mission – We are commanded to share God’s love and gospel (Matthew 28:19-20).


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