YouTube expands its Premieres feature with trailers and live redirects

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News Story Source:, By Ian Carlos Campbell
YouTube is building on its Premieres feature — used for live-streaming pre-recorded videos — by adding support for trailers, redirects from live pre-shows, and customized countdown timers. The company says there's been an 85 percent growth in the daily use of the feature from over 8 million channels, and these additions might make Premieres useful in more scenarios.

Premieres was designed to offer some of the benefits of YouTube live streams like live chat, but with the control of a pre-recorded and edited video. Creators typically use it to watch and respond to their subscribers while new videos debut. But as the pandemic has pushed film festivals and conventions online, Premieres' use cases have grown. These new changes attempt to build on that momentum as online events become the norm by catering to some of the structure and marketing of traditional live events.

The first of the new features is Live Redirect, which allows a creator with a premiere
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