You Would Be a Racist, If….

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
In the past 48 hours, the entire cast and crew of ABC's hit comedy "Roseanne" suffered immediate job displacement for a single Tweet by the show's star Rosanne Barr that made a comparison of Valerie Jarrett, a Moslem aide to former Barack Hussein Obama, to a character on "Planet of the Apes."

Which, as you know equates to the biggest oxymoron on this planet: Moslems prove themselves the most "racist" religious-economic-political organization in the world. They cut peoples' heads off for non-belief.

Ironically, such Hollywood stars as Wanda Sikes and Jimmy Kimmel said that Americans voted to put an orangutan into the White House in the form of President Donald Trump.  They intimated that the orangutan's orange hair imitated Trump's.

Not a word from main stream media!

Quickly, black CNN correspondent Don Lemon-head hurled a vitriolic attack that made Barr's remarks the fault of racist Donald Trump.&nbs
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