Wonderful Skewering of Google

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost
Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Henninger is spot on below about the Google culture and its corporate insanity of encouraging political message boards and political debates at work.  The company is a perfect reflection of the mass brainwashing of hip but intellectually-hollow millennials.  It has a workforce that is above average in IQ and way below average in wisdom and common sense. Yet, as has always been the case in business, other companies, seeing the success of a company like Google, try to replicate its management style and culture, not realizing that it attained near-monopoly status and huge profits from the brilliance and luck of its launch (and a creepy advertising model) and not from cockamamie notions of managing that were bound to become dysfunctional in a now-humongous enterprise.


Mencken's Ghost

The Google Syndrome

The company should become a generic term for today's acute political mania.


Daniel Henn
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