Woman banned from dating app Tinder for posing with hunted animal

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News Story Source: https://abc7news.com, By Dion Lim
Which raises the question– should images like these be banned from dating apps?

On the dating app Tinder, users swipe left to "pass" on potential matches and swipe right when they like what they see. One Tinder user we're only identifying by her first name, Nichole– suddenly found she couldn't swipe any direction while on vacation in San Francisco from Vermont.

"I opened up Tinder– in a few hours I was banned from the platform!" explained Nichole via FaceTime from her New England home.

For Nichole, hunting is a family affair. She believes the images of her with the deer may have offended some Bay Area users.

When she reached out to Tinder to get a better idea of what happened, she says "they responded and said I had violated the terms of service and the community guidelines."

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