Woe to the Libertarian Non-Unifiers

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News Story Source: https://www.fff.org, by Jacob G. Hornberger
If only Donald Trump had not been elected, the argument goes, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats would have led America to the promised land by now. But now that Joe Biden, the Unifier Extraordinaire, is president, everything is going to be hunky-dory.

I hate to rain on Biden's military-lined inaugural parade but it just ain't gonna happen. What these people still don't get — indeed, what Trump and his Republican cohorts still don't get — is that America is in a deep morass not because of who is elected president but rather because America has an immoral and inherently defective system. When you've got a bad system, it doesn't matter who is president or who controls Congress. The bad system is going to win out whoever is in charge.

This bad system has been labeled the welfare-warfare state. It was not America's founding system. It's the opposite of America's founding system. The decision to convert the federal government to a welfare
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