With two governors banning Chloroquine, it is perfectly clear that –

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News Story Source: https://www.rumormillnews.com by Jim Stone
With two governors banning Chloroquine, a fully tested fully proven safe anti malarial drug that happens to work like a champ on Coronavirus (having near complete recoveries happen in only 4 hours) it is obvious communists want as much mayhem as possible, and that this virus is their baby. Chloroquine was invented in 1934 and has been in widespread use since 1940. It can't be any more clear what motives are when government officials, against the advice of the medical community, suddenly announce it is illegal to use it to cure coronavirus "just because".

I'll tell you the BIG problem with Chloroquine – Outside the U.S. it costs 4 cents per dose and there's no money in that. Granted, they pump it up to $5.60 a dose in the U.S. but when the goal is to rape people for $30, 000 or more just because they walked in the door with coronavirus, there's no way they are going to allow anyone an easy out for less than $30 (for multiple doses at over $5 e
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