Wisdom From An Old Man For Your Journey Into 2018

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
The New Year 2018 offers you more challenges, superb ideas and incredible 'moments' in your fascinating journey through life.  Some things you may plan and others will be imposed upon you.  In the end, each teaches a lesson or brings a gift depending on your attitude.

This story occurred in my youth.  While cycling down a country road in LeRoy, Michigan, I crossed paths with a wise man. 

Forks in the road, stop signs, cul de sacs and dead ends on the highway of life!

While taking a ride down a country road near dusk in my teens, an old farmer, plodding along with his walking stick, abruptly stopped me.  His wrinkled-weathered skin did not diminish the energy in his clear blue eyes.  Silver locks flowed from his wide-brimmed hat while his peppered beard gave him a majestic air of wisdom.

(Food is fun!  The devil made me eat the whole salad bar!  As you pedal, the energy of horizon-sky transforms your spirit. You look to
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