Will the Russians Ever Learn?

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Will the Russians Ever Learn?

Paul Craig Roberts

Insult after insult after insult, and the pathetic Russian Foreign Ministry still asks, "do the American authorities have no wish to normalize the dialogue?"  https://www.rt.com/russia/470312-fbi-questioning-russian-mp/

Of course they don't.  How much evidence does the Russian Foreign Ministry need?  The Americans arrest the son of a Russian lawmaker abroad far outside any legal US jurisdiction—they kidnapped him—and brought him to Washington for a Kangaroo Court trial.  The Americans  arrested a Russian woman in the US, Maria Butina, falsely accused her of spying and sentened her to prison.  It goes on and on.  Now the Americans have detained for questioning Inga Yumasheva, a member of the Russian Parliament, who was invited to the US to participat in the Fort Ross Dialogue forum, an annual event in which Americans and Russians can talk directly to one another.

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