Will Russia, China and the US Jointly Carve Up Venezuelan Wealth or Is This World War III?

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On the surface of the Venezuela conflict, we seem to have a case of the irresistible force facing off against the immovable object. Who is going to win? Will it be the United States or will it be the combined forces of Russian, China and Cuba? I think the answer is neither. This article will discuss why the most likely outcome is a joint venture that controls Venezuela much to the chagrin of the Rothschild bankers.

A few months ago, the Rothschilds seemed to have the world's powers where they wanted them. On one hand, we had the BRICS who are dedicated to not being under the influence of the American petrodollar and following gold backed purchases of oil from nations like Iran. On the other hand, the US would presumably want to promote the status quo and maintain the dollar as the world's reserve currency as manifested in all oil purchases. It would also seem that the world is moving towards WW III among these two divergent groups. However, there has been a sea change and th
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