Why The Counter-Economy Is Becoming More Important For You By The Day

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Feature Article by Mike Swatek
By H8St8 at Pocketnet.app/H8St8

The global financial elite are unleashing a police state and complete change of the banking and monetary system. This is now rapidly accelerating as THEY take advantage of the pandemic, the results of which they're making far worse. Their goals have been expressed for years, if you've been paying attention.

Total control through massive surveillance. Increasingly, all of your electronic transactions, communications, movements and smart devices are being monitored. It's not yet complete because of bandwidth limitations. This is the real reason for the 5G roll-out which is accelerating at this moment. THEY really don't care if it maims, sterilizes or kills you. All of that is in-line with their objectives of population reduction and control, plus keeping you poor and dependent because of sickcare costs and needs.

Total control through digital money.

Expect cash to be confisc
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