Why Ross Ulbricht Must Be Pardoned

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
I haven't written about Ross Ulbricht for a few years, and so I'd like to remind as many people as possible of this horrible miscarriage of justice.

I'll be brief, but I want you to have the facts. I think they matter a great deal, not only for getting Ross out of prison – a place he clearly does not belong – but because the administration of justice in America, at least in cases that people in power care about, has been deeply corrupted. And please understand that I've been in and around the US justice system for most of my life, including thirty years as an expert witness. I'm not writing out of mere passion.

The Crime

Ross Ulbricht started the Silk Road hidden web site. I happen to think it was a worthy commercial adaptation, but you can make up your own mind. The site began as an experiment, selling books and other things, but soon enough became famous for selling peer-reviewed drugs from customer-rated sellers. It was an anonymous eBay, and
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