Why Can’t I Have This?

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A reader asks me why he can't have a Mahindra Roxor – which is basically a Jeep CJ/Wrangler 4×4 that costs half as much as a new Wrangler. One's legal to drive on public roads, the other's not.

So, you can have it . . . you just can't drive it. Not on "public" roads, that is.

Because the government won't allow it. The government says it doesn't comply with various saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety standards – though neither did a Jeep Willys back in the '50s or a CJ in the '70s and you could buy – and use on public roads – either of those when it was new. Also air-cooled/rear-engined VW Beetles and all kinds of other vehicles which we're not allowed to drive anymore on the roads we pay for but which the government asserts ownership over. 

What's changed?

America used to be a relatively free country – and isn't anymore.

It was until comparatively recently an extremely free country
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