Why Blacks, Latinos and Gays Should All Support King William (NWO Nazism EXPOSED!)

A Glitch in the Illuminati Matrix and High Powered Klansmen (The Truth About the NWO)

Dealing with the Illuminati or so called “global elites” (not talking about anyone that you see sitting in your government but instead the REAL Elites) amount to dealing with a high powered, fraud money funded Neo Nazi Group.

Every year there is a Neo Nazi Meeting in Davos, Switzerland and every year the agenda reads like former head of the La. KKK and former Louisiana Congressman, David Duke’s wet-dream.

Imagine having a kike, like this dumb white bitch Janet Yellin, at the Federal Reserve and Jacob Lew at the US Treasury Dept, handing out bags of money to politicians that agree to kill the most black, Asian and latino people. Imagine.

Imagine having to sit here, being from Louisiana State, and watch as Hillary Clinton and the other dumb white bitches at the US State Dept, spend years funding death squads in Latin America, only to have Hillary Clinton and the US State Dept, pretend that they actually care about Latinos, as she parades & prances  her tired, sleepy & old racist ass, all around CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, in between her book signings (a book written by AIPAC and the CIA)?

Imagine having to see current Sec of State John Kerry and Hollywood Actress, Anjie Jolie, use the US State Dept to fund rapes and death squads (according to the UN) in Africa but then get on tv and pretend that there is a war on black women? The only “war” on black women has come from the usual suspects which happen to be white men and white women.

Imagine having to hear how Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t conforming enough to the Nazism of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and their circle, simply because they actually had the audacity to meet with Latino and Blacks in downtown Los Angeles.

Imagine having to hear even more racist slurs from Prince Charles in the UK, simply because Prince William and Kate Middleton visited a juvenile faculty for endangered black youth, in London and wondered if the prison justice system of the UK was racist? Oh No! That was unheard of for Prince! Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron was so upset that he wants life prison sentencing like the ones we have in Jewmerica! These are the behind the scene stresses which the public never gets told about.

Imagine having a bunch of kikes at the ADL, not only try to censor whites in Canada and in Europe but actually hand a man like, George Soros (Euro Romanian Banker, funds Huffington Post along with Goldman Sachs), an ADL award, even though he was a nazi sympathetic and used US Tax Money, handed to him by the US Federal Reserve and US Treasury (all kike institutions) to run Neo Nazis in Ukraine, under a deal that Soros made with Russia’s Putin. Anytime the kikes in Jewmerica and Israel get a chance to kill Jews or fake the killing of Jews, to maintain their monopoly on Victim-hood, look for them to do this every single dam time.

Can you imagine? I dont think that you can.

Imagine having to watch the CIA under Bush Sr. start up a Navy Bio Weapon Program and then splice an immune system virus into vaccines, which were administered in clinics through neighborhoods that had large populations of gay men. Yeah, gay men can be dumb and worry about the word “tranny” or transexual” (as if these people really concern you) but why not get the latest round of hepatitis vaccines, which they are handing out in gay communities?

Dont you trust Obama and the FDA? Dont you also want this new HIV/Syphilis in 2014? Gay men are dumb. As if they even belong in the same category or demographic listing as a “tranny.” Whats next?

If the Government starts putting elephant trunks on people; I guess they will also fall under the “homosexual” banner? If people are green, will they also fall under the “homosexual” banner?

I dont think that gay men have any room to sit and muse about their non-existent wins of survival, when they have been on the chopping block for extermination for over 30 years (losing) and they still haven’t managed to move themselves off of this block.

Gay men along with Native Americans have the lowest life expectancy rate in the United States. So, I would think that these faggots would have better things to do, than to argue with Rupaul about “tranny” and “transexual”, when homosexual men are neither.

Then imagine that it is 2010 and the US State Dept, along with Republican Christian Offices out of DC, like C Street, do nothing but sit around and discuss how to fund genocide against gay men?

How did Uganda, Africa get politicians that were willing to pass anti-gay death laws, when this was unheard of in mainstream Africa just a decade ago? Well, the US State Dept under Hillary Clinton and C-Street, which is tied into the Bush Family, spent years and billions of dollars, to trigger a gay genocide, in not just Africa but also in Latin America and they use Evangelical Protestant Missionaries to enforce these hate laws. The biggest murderer of gays, around the world, all work at offices located in Washington DC.

Imagine being a 20, 30 or 40-something journalist and you are busting your ass, just to make 35k a year but some dumb, white bitch like Chelsea Clinton can do a few horrible (and racist) humanitarian specials on NBC and make over $600,000.00 a year? Is this fair?

Is it fair that I can not live in Louisiana or maintain my seafood harvesting business simply because BP and the EPA used toxic chemicals, that make fishing in Plaquemines Parish (South of New Orleans) a health hazard? Should I sit down, as BP gets awarded drone contracts in Alaska, while in Louisiana I have caught everything from staph infections to body aches due to BP’s toxic chemicals? And you wonder why I hate America? Imagine.

Imagine having my legit gripes about the US, being taken by the US State Dept and ADL in Jewmerica and filtered up to Al Queida, remixed and then appearing in online publications like the Daily Caller? Did I ask to be a speech writer for Al Queida? Was I paid? No. But its good to know that if I ever wanted to work in Communication for Al Queida, Boko Haram or ISIL (ISIS) all I have to do, is apply in Israel or Washington DC, because in reality, this is where the H.R. Dept is located for all of these terror groups, which are used to demonize and kill black men, Arab men and Latino men. Oh didnt you hear MSNBC and William Hague in the UK?

If you are a black or brown man, then you are naturally a rapist that abuses women according to the US State Dept, Hollywood and the UK. Nothing about all of those dumb, white bitches at the United Nations, working for JP Morgan, Big Oil and Goldman-Sachs that help do PR for white special forces out of America, as they rape and kill tens of thousands of black and brown children in Africa.

Imagine having a Pope, that is funded by the same bankers and oil companies, which have slaughtered or displaced millions of Latinos and forced them into homelessness, jails, gangs or up into the US and Republican (US Politicians) Eric Cantor gets 2 million dollars to push for amnesty in Davos, Switzerland, from Goldman-Sachs out of New York, because these kikes and whites in Jewmerica, would like to think themselves compassionate, while this corrupt and fraud Pope goes to Latin America and uses the Catholic Church to help displace Latinos off of their land, so that the Bush Family, Angela Merkel from Germany, Christine LaGarde from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and Bill Gates from Microsoft can divide up millions & millions of acres and create their own Nazi-Like Cities. That’s exactly what these Nazis from the banking, tech and Euro-trash world are doing in Central and South America.

Imagine being a Brazilian and having to see 750 thousands Brazilians displaced or left homeless, so that some Europeans can build a sports stadium, slap Brazil with the bill and leave 400 thousand Brazilians homeless? Imagine!

Imagine a Catholic Pope, that goes to Israel and ignores the fact that Israel broke Jewish Law by sterilization black jews (under Jewish Law, if a person doesn’t have at least one child, their soul ceases to exist) and never mind that this clown Goldman-Sachs and BP Oil Funded Catholic Pope, appears to see nothing wrong with Israel’s Jim Crow-like system.

Imagine a Catholic Pope that is destroying books showing that Prince William has a Jesus connected blood line because this Pope wants the entire world to worship the United Nations, Hitler and European Bankers? Well, that is exactly what the fuck this Pope is doing. This Pope will NEVER let Christians know their true history because these ancient scrolls are being destroyed in the Vatican and replaced with Zionist Propaganda and lies!

The US Stock Marker is propped up on fake money, crime, racism and nazism. In fact, the Dow is over priced by at least 51%, which means that the Dow isnt at 1600 but its some where around 800.

The US is already broke and done for. So, what we have are a couple of countries trying to get from under the thumb of this global elite gone mad, like the UK and France but seeing how the US (or the occupiers of our land) are opening military bases in the UK and have now attached themselves onto France, there will be no hope in global redemption for the UK and France. The only thing that awaits the UK and France, due to their dealings with America..is certain death.

These elites, that have slated blacks, Arabs and Latinos for extinction all have their investments in China and India with Nazi Russia piggy-backing, so the smartest way to bring down the UK and France is to flood the countries with illegal immigrants and mix their global agenda in with the United States. The global resistance, due to France and the UK, being tied with the US and Israel, will be fierce and ferocious. There will by no UK and there will be no France. You have been warned.

The People of the World need to Rise Up against their Nazi Oppressors and fall in line behind the elites that understand diversity, modern world and the world of the future……like Prince William.

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