Who Will Overthrow the Hoity-Toity Hypocrites?

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost
Regarding the college admission scandal, it's incomprehensible that parents would pay tens of thousands in bribes to get their kids admitted to elite colleges.  Sure, once their kids are admitted, graduation is assured.  And once they graduate, they are automatically given entry to the top echelons of business and government.

But why would they want their kids to be part of a rotten elite that is turning the rest of the country rotten, just like the proverbial fish that rots first at the head?

A quick answer is that the parents are themselves members of the rotten elite, and, as such, are phonies.  They say all the right things about social justice, diversity, white privilege, climate change, or whatever is the progressive cause du jour.  But they are unabashed hypocrites of the worst kind.  They are hoity-toity hypocrites.  And oily ones at that.

If cream used to rise to the top, it no longer does.  Now oil rises to the top, as seen by t
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