Who Said Diversity and Multiculturalism Are So Wonderful?

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
Part 1: Enclaves, change of language, drug gangs gaining strangle holds across America.

"The Great Replacement, or genocide by substitution, is such a huge crime that even its victims cannot believe it. They say to themselves: 'Of course, it looks very much like it, but it's not possible, it can't be true, it would be too enormous, things like that do not happen.'" Renaud Camus

Fact: by 2042, European-Americans (Caucasians), the dominant ethnic group in America at 90 percent until 1965, will become the new minority in the United States at 49 percent.  Latino-Hispanic-Mexicans will become the new majority. (Source: www.PewResearchCenter.org)

Every country in the world that features different cultures, languages and ethnic groups, faces endless conflict.  

Pedro de Alvarado, a legal immigrant from Venezuela, gives America a sobering taste of what we face with mass immigration.

Sir, what can Americans expect if they continue
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