Whitney Houston’s Death, Blue Ivy Carter and The Goddesses of Fertility

In this article we will delve into the metaphysical and occult aspects of Whitney Houston’s death. This article is a little more advanced than my first article and it is for those that have done at least 1 year of research into the occult and the illuminati doctrine. If you are in doubt or just simply don’t believe that Whitney Houston was sacrificed, then you should stop reading this article now. This article is for those that are seasoned into the sciences of the occult. In this article, I will use numerology, astrology, and, onomastics, as reference points in validating my claims.

Whitney Houston was a star and a celebrity and what one has to realize about celebrities is that they are viewed in a different status and class in comparison to common individuals. Celebrities are called stars and they are definitely worshipped and revered within our culture. Just like in some countries you have a cast system and even in the Bible you have an elite class verses the class called the goyim (un aware). The same thing reigns true in our modern world and celebrities are at as the top of the food chain. This is mostly due to the media and the large amounts of money (fiat notes) that is paid out to the entertainment world, yearly. At her peak, Whitney Houston was worth over $150 million, and some of my inside connections, within the industry, tell me that Whitney Houston was considered the 5th most popular woman in Hollywood. This is why many speculate that she was worth more dead to the labels and execs, because it has been rumored that Whitney was flat broke when she died and was living off of handouts from Clive Davis. You see, in the Music Industry you have to keep yourself relevant because it’s all about the cake (money). Those that live long lives in Hollywood are those who have the most money and who keep reinventing themselves.

In the Music industry, once you take the oath to worship the goat, you are considered a king or queen. Once you sign a major deal, for millions of dollars, you can never blend back into the crown and become a commoner again. This is why the recording artists are paid royalties. If you look up the term royal, it means king.

In the Secret Society called the Music industry, they have a different religion and way of doing things. It is similar to the ancient religions of Egypt, Babylon, and Sumeria. Within these ancient religions, when one was initiated into kingship or queendom, they had to agree to take part in certain rituals. While I will not go into all of these rituals here, I will say that the initiate has to agree to death. What I mean by this is, once you become a king or queen you can never go back to your old life, there is no looking back. Once initiated, the king or queen then agreed to their life being ritualized all the way up to their death. Their length of life was measured by a test of strength and endurance. The pharaoh’s of Egypt (Tama Re) were tested after so many years in a ritual called the Sed festival. In this ritual the Pharaoh’s strength was tested in many ways. If the pharaoh couldn’t pass this test, he was murdered. These rituals and festivals are still going on today within the music industry and political fields. The people involved in these industries are on a different level, as their beliefs are totally contrary to what the masses believe.

Whitney Houston was considered a Goddess within the cult and this is why she was called a Diva. The word diva is a Greco-Latin word that means goddess and Whitney was definitely that. You see, there are different levels within the music industry and one can make it past the rank of King or Queen and become God or Goddess. Proof of this can be found in the many entertainers who call themselves Gods and divas, like Jay Z and Beyonce. The more money a celebrity is making the higher up they are, within the cult.
When the industry is going to get rid of a queen or king they plan this out years in advance and to a very high degree, using astrology and numerology. They know when a celebrity is getting weak and just can’t go on anymore. The ring leaders of the Occult Orders are master Sorcerers and they have to perform their sacrifices, to their Gods and Goddesses, according to certain customs and doctrines. When we define the word ritual it means a custom or way of doing things that is based on certain laws.
Within the 33rd degree of Masonry there is a ritual called “Kill King 33.” This ritual was adopted by the Masonic Lodge from the ancient cultures of Babylon and Egypt. The rules to this ritual are that the sacrifice had to be killed at a certain time and place, in order for the Gods to accept the offering. The age of the target and numbers surrounding the events of the targets life have to match up, in order for their offering to be accepted.

Let us take an occult look at Whitney’s death. I will demonstrate that Whitney’s death was a ritual to the Goddess of fertility. In order to understand how the elite thinks one has to be symbol literate, but not only that one has to know how to connect different symbols together to paint a picture. Walk with me as we take you on a journey into the realm of the occult.

As I stated in other articles, we are in the Chinese year of the dragon and this has significance in relation to Whitney’s death. The Chinese dragon is a symbol of death according to Chinese folklore. In the Book of Revelation Chapter 12 we find a red dragon at war with a woman who is about to give birth to a son who will rule the nations.

13 When the dragon saw that he had been hurled to the earth, he pursued the woman who had given birth to the male child. 14 The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent’s reach. 15 Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent. 16 But the earth helped the woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth. 17 Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring—those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony.

The above passage is being fulfilled right before our eyes, but the masses are asleep to these truths. I was watching a very good Youtube Video, titled “Whitney Houston’s Death, Madonna’s Super Bowl Sermon, What Is Happening?”, created by a woman and she demonstrates perfectly how the ritual performed on Whitney Houston was used to steal the energy of the woman. This video can be viewed through my website by visiting the link at the end of this article. The elite are now going after the woman to use her in rituals of sacrifice. Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Whitney Houston, Lady Ga Ga and Blue Ivy, were all used as a part of a ritual to take the woman’s feminine energy and to offer it to these demons that the Elite worship as Gods.

Whitney passed on in Hollywood, California, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The term Hollywood translates to Holy Wood. The Holy wood comes from Druid mysticism and deals with fertility. Now Jay Z and Beyonce’s daughter tie into this ritual as well because her name is Blue Ivy. Ivy also deals with fertility, as you will see once you research it. Keep in mind that the pictures of Jay and B’s daughter were held and released days before Whitney’s death. The demon was being conjured, through harnessing the energy of the people. There is a Christmas Carol called “the Holly and the Ivy”, and it was the basis of this ritual. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Hollywood was also chosen as the sacrifice grounds, because of it’s geographical coordinates. Hollywood is exactly 34 degrees on the North coordinate, which specifies the east-west position of a point on the earth’s surface . When a sacrifice is made it has to be done within 3 degrees North or South of a 33rd degree coordinate, which is symbolic to the 33 degree’s of Freemasonry. Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson and JFK are examples of targets that were offered up to the Gods within 3 degrees or less of the 33rd degree North coordinate. According to Astrology, when a object is within 3 degrees or less of another object it is considered a hard conjunction. In Astrology when two objects are considered in conjunct the energies of those objects become one. The earth has an energy grid and the focal points of these energy centers are found within the 33rd degree longitude line. When the Elite makes sacrifices they are offering their victims to the Goddess that they call mother earth. This is one of the most important reasons why they choose certain locations to perform these rituals in.

The Numerology behind Whitney’s death is heavy in symbology. If you add up 2/11/2012 you will get 9, thus the date as a whole vibrates to a 9 and the day itself was the 11th, hence 9-11 again. I demonstrated in the last article how Whitney was born on the 9th and died on the 11 so there it is again. The Hotel Number that Whitney Houston died in was 434 and if one adds that up you get 11 again.

The time that Whitney was pronounced dead was at 3:55PM and if you add that up it comes out to 13. Thirteen is a very significant number in the occult, because it takes 13 witches to form a coven. Witches are woman and a healthy woman has 13 menses a year. Don’t think these numbers are coincidences because they’re not. The Elite worships intelligent demons and these demons aid them in working rituals that transpire precisely, as long as they plan the rituals accordingly. Whitney Houston’s birthday is on 8/9/1963 and if you add that up you get 9 again. The number 3 is the only number that can divide 9 and Whitney was 48 when she passed on. 4+8=12 and 1+2=3

The last part to this occult story is very important because it reveals another woman who is involved in this ritual, Queen Elizabeth II. She is called a blue blood and maybe the reason why B and Jay’s daughter is called “Blue.” Queen Elizabeth II is the sovereign and head of the Common Wealth Nations, but she isn’t exempt from having to make offerings to the deities, because this is how they keep their power. John Todd taught that the sovereign Kings and Queens of the Elite are the direct representatives of the demons on earth.

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this year, which means that she has been in the seat of Queendom for 6o years. If you research the history of the term Jubilee you will find that it was a Biblical word. It was a Sabbatical year which cycled around every 50 years. The Jubilee’s, of old, were based on the Sirus B (a star constellation) revolving around Sirius A. It took 50 years for this cycle to complete itself and when it was complete the ancients would have a Sabbath year in commemoration of the Gods. This is exactly what the Queen of England is doing this year folks. She is upholding the customs of the Gods, except the demons that are supporting her have changed the cycle to 60 years instead of 50 because they are fascinated with the number 6.

The Jubilee festival is the same ritual that I explained earlier in reference to the Sed festival performed by the Pharaoh’s. The Queen has to show forth her strength and this is performed through serious sacrificing. This festival will last all year round and expect to see more rituals and sacrificing going on. Many people have forgotten that two other celebrities died before Whitney Houston, which I believe were both offerings, as well. Don Cornelius, the host of Soul train, who was said to have killed himself, and Leslie Carter the sister of the Backstreet boys, who was said to have died of a drug overdose. Leslie Carter died exactly 7 days before Whitney Houston and was only 25 years old. Sounds like she was thrown from the freedom train, which is a term that is used for celebrities who are sacrificed in their 20’s. This makes 3 entertainers who died in 1 month as the elite like to perform rituals in 3’s.

Now you may be wondering who these demons are. The sacrifice rites that the elite are performing are dedicated to the demon Goddess Lilth and the Goddess Ishtar. They refer to these Goddesses as Mother Earth to veil their true names to the commoners. Lilth was the first wife of Adam, according to the Bible, and she came before Eve. Lilth is the handmaiden of the Goddesses Ishtar and Ishtar is considered the queen of the underworld or demons. Another name for Ishtar is NaNa and this is who Rhianna was calling on when she sang the song, “What’s My Name.” This is a example of what I spoke of in the last article about the musicians calling on demons!

I will close this article with this. A Jubilee year is referred to as a Sabbath year, within the Bible. As I pointed out in article 1, Whitney Houston was sacrificed on the Sabbath day, which is Saturday. She will be buried tomorrow on the Sabbath day, seven days later, to complete the ritual. Don’t take this lightly folks as this is not a coincidence. As I said, one has to connect the dots to see the bigger picture and the picture being painting here is that the fertility deity is feeding off of feminine energy which is being harnessed to create a state of fear on this planet. As I stated in other articles, fear is based on a lower chakra vibration. If the vibration of this planet remains in fear then the chaos and madness will continue. Fear will continue to suppress and enslave the masses until they learn how to rule themselves with the power of love. As long as humanity looks towards others to rule them they will be continually enslaved.
Love is the Answer!

Thank You for reading and please visit http://www.13signsastrology.com/watch-occult-videos-free to view the youtube video that I spoke of earlier.

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