By. Ra Imhotep EL

In our world, the three words, I love you, are probably the most frequently used words. We say this to our parents, we say it to our children, we say it to our spouses, and we say it to our siblings. Reflect on this word, and you will realize that it is a very mysterious word that has many meanings attached to it. The love that you have for your parents, children, and significant other are probably all different in nature and degree.

Below are a few definitions of love. Read them and notice the differences in each:

1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
3. sexual passion or desire.
4. a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.

Upon researching the above definitions, based on the science of etymology, one will find that these definitions are based on the meaning of love indifferent fazes of history. Love is a concept that is unfolding for humanity as we evolve, which is to go away, and then revolve, which is to come back to nature. The meaning of love was once understood amongst humanity however the meaning of love declined when humanity lost the knowledge of self.

Let’s look at the first definition of love. It says a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. The key word here is affection. This word may seem harmless and noble, however when you research it you will find out that an affection is a disease. To have affection for someone is to feel excessively emotional for them, almost beyond control. This isn’t love people. This is simply the inability of one to show balance in their wants and desires.

The second definition says a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. Again the definition sounds harmless, but once you break down the words you will find the ignorance. The key words in this definition are attachment and affection. In this definition love is equal to an attachment to physical objects. Being attached to anything, whether it’s parents or not, of a physical nature is foolish, because everything that’s physical is in a state of transition and change and will one day be no more. Love is supposed to be eternal, right? So this can’t be the meaning of love.

The third definition says a sexual passion or desire. They got this from the Sanskrit word for love which is lubhyati, which means “desires”. This is still not love and is based on primitive energies rooted in lower chakra based activities such as sex.I’m not saying that desires don’t serve a purpose, not at all, I am saying that this isn’t love.

Lastly, lets look at the final definition. It says a person who love is felt, like a sweet heart. This definition just takes us back to the feeling that one has when they desire the opposite sex, this isn’t love.

Now that we have cleared the path and demonstrated to you that society doesn’t know what love is, let’s go into why. The answer to why, will seem radical at first, however if you watch my youtube channel or visit my website you will gain more clarity on why I take the following position that I am about to take. Society doesn’t know what love is because love has not lived on this planet for over 6,000 years and the meaning has been lost.


If love is light and knowledge then fear is ignorance and darkness. The opposite of love is fear and fear dominates the collective consciousness of humanity, for now. This fear has caused humanity to redefine love and put lower chakra based energies and emotions on it.

Desire starts at the base of the spine and the energy there is very dark. Desire is the root energy behind fear, as fear is only experienced when energies are being mis-directed and mis-guided. In order for love to be experienced, desire has to be converted into divinity. This can only be done through proper breathing and meditational exercises. Once desire is raised up from the base of the spine to the heart chakra divine love will be experienced.

Divine love is the only real love and divine love is a frequency which can be literally called a song. Divine love is the highest part of love registering at the 13th tone on the musical scale. Divine love can only be experienced when the heart chakra is unlocked and when one begins to live from it. Divine love is un attached love, love that is based on the love of humanity, and it isn’t selfish. Another major factor that separates divine love from desire based love is that divine love is absent of control. Divine love is unconditional and no matter what where as desired based love is contingent and based on what one can do for you. This is really control cloaked in love.

Control violates universal law because everybody has freewill and when people aren’t allowed to use this freewill, based upon feeling restricted by another, this causes a violation of law and the person doing the controlling will be in debt to the person they are attempting to control. You see, when you try to control another individual you lose your freedom because it takes energy to try to control people. Our love relationships in the 3D matrix are based on control and that’s why they aren’t working.

Real love is coming to the planet and it is shocking many. People are waking up to the concept of universal love and are freeing themselves from the control of desired based love. If a person truly loves you there will be no need to try to control and manipulate their desires to keep them around. They will naturally want to be around you because they will feel the love frequency you emit. Real love will seem dark and cold, at first, this is because it doesn’t appeal to the emotions and chemical responses like desired based love does. Divine love isn’t chemical based it’s actually tone based and is a frequency or a music pattern. Divine love will destroy families and rebuild them free of toxins, this is the nature of it. The nature of it is cleansing, however when disease comes up it is usually not a pleasant site to see. Many will hate divine love when it comes into their life because it forces you to let go of control. This is apart of the shift beloved and should be embraced.

The best way to make it through this energy is to find your inner love. Find the things that you love, about yourself, and cultivate those attributes. This will help you to let go of the desire to want to control others, because the controlling energy is now being directed into creative outlets that are bettering you. Once you tap into the wealth of your inner love you will begin to do what I call “emit the love frequency”. This is a tone or a musical pattern that automatically attracts others to you that match your frequency .Once you find your love frequency divine love has been achieved and you will no longer be looking for love or feel without it because you would have found it. Divine love is so powerful and potent that even when you’re alone you feel it’s presence, thus divine love causes you to never feel lonely. Divine love ends depression because depression vibrates on a number 2 and love vibrates on a number 3, making it a higher octave of depression.

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Peace Love and Light

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