When Will Christians Again Make Their Appeal To Heaven?

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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin
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The Pinetree Flag was one of America's earliest and most beloved flags. From October 1775 through July 1776, the Pinetree Flag flew proudly over buildings, streets, houses, shops, battlefields and military ships. It was the flag that flew above the American troops at Bunker Hill and the Battle of Boston. It was the flag that flew above the ships of the Colonial Navy. Being one of America's earliest flags, the Pinetree Flag symbolized the heart and soul of America. 

The Pinetree Flag displayed a pine tree on a white field, and above the tree the motto, "An Appeal To Heaven." Hence, it was also called the Appeal To Heaven flag.

The motto "An Appeal To Heaven" comes from the writings of Natural Law philosopher John Locke (1632 – 1704). Besides the Books of the Holy Bible, the writings of John Locke were more influential upon America's Founding Fathers than any other writer. Other N
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