When Seconds Count: Home Invasion Victim Waits Over an Hour for Police to Arrive

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News Story Source: http://www.shtfplan.com, Daniel Lang
In rural areas, a gun has many different uses. Aside from self-defense, they can also be used for hunting, putting down injured livestock, and culling pests and predators. Plus, there are a lot more opportunities to shoot firearms recreationally in the countryside.

People who live in cities however, don't have as much respect for firearms, because they don't need them nearly as much. In the city, the only reason you'll need a gun is for self-defense, and even then it doesn't seem very important to most urban dwellers. After all, why would you need a gun to protect yourself in a densely populated area, where a phone call can bring the police to your door in a few minutes? Life in the city is very different from life in the countryside, where it'll probably take a half hour or longer for the police to show up at your front door.

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