When Logic Fails, 'Informed Consent' Means Nothing

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Health officials tell us to not be discouraged by vaccine side effects, that we should be vaccinated in spite of them.

Oh wait. Do they mean there ARE negative side effects?

In the northeast Ohio Fairness Local School District, teachers lined up for their first round of COVID-19 injections just 2 days ago. So many teachers had adverse reactions to the shots that the District cancelled classes.

Fox News in Navarre, Ohio reported that the closures were due to "many developing side effects and becoming ill."

Medical "experts" who are administering the vaccines there said that they are not surprised that many people are getting sick, claiming that this is normal for any vaccine.

The medical director of the Stark County Health Department, Dr. Maureen Ahmann, is encouraged that people are getting sick from the vaccine. She said, "I am not surprised if people are having some of the reactions like that to the vaccine. In fact, it's kind of good news
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