When Democrats fight the results of elections it's "patriotic" but when the GOP does i

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News Story Source: Natural News – JD Heyes
(Natural News) Democrats are the party of hypocrisy, and while that most often is just a matter of mocking them for it, sometimes it's a threat to our republic.

Like when it comes to opposing election results or, in the case of the 2016 election, making up a fake narrative to oppose the election results.

For the past four years, Democrats and their lunatic voters adopted the attitude that President Donald Trump's victory over the most criminally investigated and compromised nominee in history — Hillary Clinton — was never legitimate (because 'The Russians! Putin!'). 

That lie was revealed at the end of special counsel Robert Mueller's politically motivated investigation when he reported finding "no evidence" of election theft or meddling by Mother Russia. It was further debunked when President Trump's new Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified documents proving the FBI and U.S. intelligence official
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