What's The Mystery Of Mexico's Millions of Poor People?

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
Why would Mexico with all its natural resources, oil reserves and hardworking people be considered a "failed-country?"   Why would it house the most violent drug cartels in the Western hemisphere?  Why would 15-million of Mexico's citizens illegally migrate into the United States?  Why does Mexico's elite do little to correct the inequitable wage norms, educational opportunities and systemic criminal enterprises in their country?  Can systemic corruption be changed toward free enterprise, healthy markets and fairness to all citizens?  

At this point with Biden's leadership, he promised full amnesty to 25 million border violators, their children, DACA and increases in immigration.  Do Americans understand "why" Mexicans flee northward?  Answer: they allowed a corrupt ruling-elite where they have become victims.  Ironically, they flee that situation only to create it over here in America.  Mexican ga
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