What’s Bad In America Today: Will Become Worse In the Years Ahead

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
During my 40-state bike journey around America this summer, I witnessed, up close and personal, exactly what's happening to our country.  More than 90 percent of Americans don't possess a clue as to what's happened to them and the rest of us and our major cities.  Most of our big cities, welfare magnets, no longer can be called "American cities" because immigrants dominate them.  Americans have fled.   We assume that all immigrants want to live here, thrive here and become Americanized.  That would be a gross mistake when you saw what I saw in my travels this past summer.

At the same time, I keep an eye on Social Media, and thousands of Americans write me letters telling me what's happening in their neck of the woods. At this point, I want to share some of those letters with you, so, you too, can 'see' what's really happening to us. 

Remember this: it's all coming at
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