What you can and can't do at the new cannabis cafe in West Hollywood

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News Story Source: https://www.latimes.com, By JENN HARRIS
If you're imagining a giant smoky room filled with bowls of weed, couches and lots of pizza, think again. Imagine instead a functional restaurant with servers, plus a special air-filtration system that sucks up and filters the smoke from people smoking weed, everywhere.

"We have families reaching out wanting to bring their kids or grandparents and high school groups of friends flying from all over the world," restaurant director Kevin Brady said. "I feel like we're Disney World."

When you arrive, you will be seated at a table and greeted by a flower host (also known as a "budtender") who will serve as your cannabis guide. He or she will drill you on your past cannabis experiences (whether you're Snoop Dogg-level or haven't smoked since high school or at all) and help personalize your cannabis order. You also will have a server from whom you can order food and nonalcoholic beverages.

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