What The Declaration Should Have Declared

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The Pursuit of Happiness. All good. But the link between life and property was not adequately drawn. It wasn't mentioned at all.

But how can one's right to life and liberty be secure when one's physical person is not?

If you own yourself – as I believe everyone self-evidently does – then it follows no one else does. And it follows from this that whatever property you create through your own efforts or which is freely acquired (whether as a simple gift or in exchange for some other thing) is entirely and exclusively yours by right as well. Which means no other person has any rightful claim to the smallest portion of it.

What follows from that principle, in practical terms, is equally self-evident:

No "taxes" – i.e., theft cloaked in euphemistic terms. Only fee for services, which services may be declined by those who do not wish to pay for them or withheld from those who do not pay for them by those who offer them.

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