What It Takes to Become the “Upper Echelon”

Hip Hop’s newbie Travis $cott released a song earlier this year entitled “Upper Echelon” and unsurprisingly, in accordance to pop culture today, is fulled with elite and Satanic themes.

Who is Travis $cott?


According to wikipedia.org, $cott is KanYe West’s newest acquisition on his label G.O.O.D. Music. Not much is known, due to his youth, and inexperience in the music industry, but with his latest video, it appears that $cott has learned what it takes to be in the “Upper Echelon”.

The Video: Upper Echolon feat. T.I. and 2 Chainz

PART 1: The Prelude


Travis walks into a misty forest, past a sign welcoming him to Quintana. This is important. Before this song was released, $cott made a video prior called “Quintana”. The song’s lyrics are very misogynistic to women, but more over the video seems to something right out of hell.


Travis relishing in Hell while wearing a pentagram. Could Quintana be a synonym for Hell?


Travis continues his journey as he crosses over a small bridge and soon reaches an abandoned home with 2 Chainz standing at the door way guarded by two men, one holding a large axe, and another holding what appears to be a staff. 2 Chainz playing the part of someone already in the Upper Echelon nods to the salute given by Travis as he walks past.


Check out the Eye of Horus symbol on his chain.

After Travis strides past 2Chainz and later T.I., there is an overload of occult and Satanic symbols. Let’s try to focus on some.


More visuals and hints to prove that Quintana may be Hell. Check out the skulls and the word “PYREX” (Pyro) on each of the newcomer’s shirts. Death is being glamorized.

And finally the video starts. Yes, all that wasn’t even apart of the music video. According to Travis, it’s suppose to be a “Visual Experience”. Yeah, it’s a visual experience all right.

PART 2: The Actual Video

The video starts with the words “UPPER ECHELON” in red letters and the madness begins. The two boys “Skulls” and “Pyrex” are now humping the air (Can’t make this stuff up) next to two nearly nude women hula hooping. It seems all fun and games, until the screen panels to a man holding a teddy bear, shaking in fear, attempting to call someone to get him out of Quintana.

The screen moves on from the frightened man and on to Travis $cott who is now donning a jacket complete with an inverted cross and a pyramid with light emerging from it

It appears that $cott has been initiated

It appears that $cott has been initiated


As we continue to venture in this madness, it’s become obvious that this is some sort of gathering for the wicked. People of all different walks of life are joined together, drinking 40 ounces, on roofs and in trees, celebrating some form of evil.

When we finally meet 2 Chainz again, it appears that he was the one in charge of it all.



Check out that Freemason symbol

Check out that Freemason symbol

Finally at the end, the entire campsite is burned down (To destroy the evidence) and Travis paddles away on a boat, not wearing his Satanic jacket, looking the way he come in.


PART 3: Conclusion

This video truly demonstrates the ritualistic aspects of the elite. We’ve journeyed with a man who appeared to be one of us, become apart of the Upper Echelon and left looking like us again.

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