What is “Threshold Programming”?



Vampires, Zombies and Ghosts are the current theme of regular programming recently. Have you wondered why? They ‘reel’ you in….then your caught up in the realm of their ‘undead’.
Well, we have an undead genre based chain of programs which are taking over our television sets. But wait…it’s not just our television programming, it’s literature and video games which are generated toward the young and old.
I certainly can be one to attest to the imagination of a preteen whose interests are geared toward that of the glamorized subjects. When I was twelve it seemed as if I couldn’t get my hands on enough books to read. I loved reading! Still do.
Mindful of this naturally fantasized temperament of the young, we bring ourselves into the present day where this standpoint remains a valuable commodity.
What some people may not realize is that the young mind must work ferociously to manage the flight responses which they experience due to the sights and sounds exposed to them. Multiple studies have revealed that the effects last long into adulthood due to the trauma response of the brain.
But the elite’s masterful positioning has precedence over our media and continue to influence the viewers, but this influence is seated in more than just our imaginations.

So, what is their plan with all this ‘entertainment’?


Taking GOD out of the equation is foremost in this scenario and without this process the sum total would not work. There are those who are working feverishly to make this happen. It began on so many levels, but taking GOD out of schools was a big accomplishment. The next step in our society was  not having a fallback plan to save its soul. Next, allowing mankind to believe that we can become our own gods. But, these steps are taken gradually….
The ancient pagan practices of worshiping the dead and the older horror films depicting vampires have common elements with today’s programming. Check this out! Frankenstein was a horror flick about an eccentric scientist whose unorthodox experiments brought forth genetic manipulation. Does this sound familiar?
Infused with ancient worship and the modern “Prometheus’ of science, these elements make for a great plot to a horror movie but it also lends itself to the reality of TRANSHUMANISM. This companions itself to the immortal examples which the elite plunge into our heads daily with robotic humans, and immortality issues which they are forcing society to accept. While the elite want you to believe this is an ‘evolutional’ process of the greater good of mankind, it’s actually a shifting of worshiping one kind of supernatural entity to another. Government and Science combine to become the savior of all mankind.


The romanticizing of spiritual darkness is nothing other than placing occult practices at the forefront. This twisting of the darkness provokes entities to come forth and prey on the innocent.
People who have been abused or hurt who have no Truth in their soul about GOD use other means to fill the void. They may unconsciously identify with the horrific plots in the programming. The dark side of fantasy is consistent with the unspoken fears, struggles, and pain they experience. Internally they project their feelings as a reflection of their brokenness and these kinds of programs are feeding into their fears and inadequacy of not having a GOD who is merciful and loving to fill the voids.


Parents who are not taking these subject with the depth of which they are projected reap the consequences of out-of-control children/teens who turn our to be adults with serious issues. And we wonder why society is full of people who are losing it?
Letting children view and read this kind of material is allowing the occult to feed into their lives. Allowing the occult to fester in turn feeds the dark side of the supernatural.
Understanding the long-term effects of this type of media exposure is critical to the emotional health of everyone!

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Television is called by some the idiot box and nothing could be closer to the truth. Television gives you a false picture of the world, and it’s a great time killer. Satan’s got to love that! It takes away time you could use doing good. Television is a portal of evil. It lets the world into your home. Do you want your children to learn their morals from a television or the values of the Bible? People begin to view television as real.

Thresholds are a path, an avenue. This doorway is an opening which becomes a portal for the supernatural to transverse. We are spiritual beings in  mortal bodies, and the longing for our eternal future is natural. But, the enemy is expert at perverting the wisdom which GOD places in the heart of mankind.
There are parts of Hollywood, and most of media which have a direct line to the intelligence apparatus. Persistent programming of this kind festers in our homes, it allows the darkness to enter. What do I mean by this? Well, just like the recent happenings on this site with the 2D material causing demonic reactions, so too will be the end result in our world.


Allowing this plethora of dark programming is opening a portal!
You see, this kind of programming feeds into our imagination, but it also opens a doorway. Not only does it feed the curiosity, but it literally feeds the dark side.
This allows the dark to become powerful. At first it remains in hiding, then it becomes stronger in time. With the continuing of this type of material allows it to feed. What’s next? It makes itself known! It becomes a part of this side!
The motto for Pentagon intelligence is “Scientia est Potentia” or “Knowledge is Power”. When you control the knowledge, you control the consensus. Therefore, all you see in the theaters is the potential ‘doomsday blueprint’ ops.


It this a veiled attempt at mass manipulation or is it much deeper than that? Preemptive programming is an assault on the public and but it gives them cause to contemplate what may happen to them and what social changes may be on the horizon. This kind of horrific programming we are viewing is no different.
Psychological conditioning and mind control steering is an apocalyptic due date and it part of reverse causality. Metaphysically, the powers that control this world are betting on your death, by way of total possession. They are programming the masses for self destruction and literally opening portals that will lead to our destruction.
Ritualistic warfare-A cunning, chaotic and invisible force which is seizing the souls of men, even the elite intelligence behind these schemes.


Recently, our cable company (Time Warner Cable) has began a campaign to ‘save’ a local broadcasting channel. Channel 11. Notice the logo? See the “Eye”? Notice the pentagram?  Notice it’s number 11 (number for chaos/disorder)? Notice the obelisk which is ‘overlooking’ I-30 (13)? Also, I want to point out that I believe this to be a ruse intended to produce a type of ‘idolization’ of sorts. Let’s call and save our ‘station’! It has a religious context to me!


The paranormal has entered in every facet of our society. The demons have entered through the gates of temples, mosques and synagogues and now they are entering our homes.  This is unlike a war ever waged before.
They have created dark armies of the dark side, conjuring them and constructing them genetically which are being used against us. This is a plague of demonic tampering which is weakening the public morale. The people behind is are using techniques which share the same characteristics as a vampire.
You see, there is NO SUCH THING as ghosts, vampires, or zombies. There are ANGELS AND EVIL SPIRITS! They evil spirits present themselves as ghosts and dead loved-ones. They reel you in….then your caught up in the realm of their undead.



9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
Most people know that the human brain is composed of several parts. Some of these parts enable rational thought, and they know perfectly well that what is coming out of the little television box is not real. But other parts of your brain are not so smart. These are the older parts of the brain, the parts that allow you to dodge flying objects faster than you can think, trigger the fight or flight response, and make you afraid of snakes and darkness. These parts don’t know that the TV images aren’t real.
This part of your brain thinks that when it sees a murder on television, someone has really died. Right in front of you. This is why you have nightmares about it.
This is one reason why movies and television can be harmful to people, particularly small children. Powerful, realistic images are dropped into the mind, and you’ve got to deal with them — frequently before you’re really ready to. If you read a horror story, you can put down the book if it starts to bother you. You read at your own pace, and stop if you must. But when you’re watching television or movies, the images come at you faster than you can digest them — by the time you realize you’re too scared and get up to leave, it’s too late.


9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
But the reality is that our children are tied down — not by us, but by the television itself.


9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
When you’re watching television, all of your vision is restricted to the little box. Your peripheral vision isn’t used at all. Like everything else, peripheral vision is something that the brain needs to learn to use while its young; if it isn’t used, it doesn’t develop properly. So children who watch too much television end up with poor peripheral vision.


9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
Television also presents a flat image, not a three-dimensional one. Children who watch too much television have poor depth perception.


9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
The radiant light from television doesn’t present the eye with the full range of colors you see in the natural world. The light of the sun, already a much broader spectrum of wavelengths than any television can produce, reflects off the dizzying array of substances and textures in nature to produce an amazing variety of colors. Televisions just don’t do that. Children who watch too much TV can’t see colors as well.


9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
Television images are not continuous. They are made up of a multitude of still images flashed every second. They are flashed so quickly, most television screens can’t show the full image before it starts showing the next one. The result is that you never see one complete image all at once. Instead, your vision centers have to make sense out of a mishmash of tumbling pictures. A developing brain trained to cope with half-images has more trouble with real life’s full, continuous images. Children who watch too much television can’t focus as well.


9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
Television’s primary purpose is to advertise.


9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
TV is mind numbing.
In order to reach its maximum potential audience (to whom the sponsors can sell more product), television shows have to be dumbed-down to the point of having little or no intellectual value or relevance.


9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
TV presents a false reality.
This in and of itself is not so bad BUT when fantasy is presented as TRUTH.


9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
TV is censored.
Only a handful of corporations control what you can see on television.

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9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
TV is addictive.


9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
TV is racist.

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9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
TV is sexist.


9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
TV is pro-gay/homosexual.
It glorifies sin.


9anidot5c.gifDid You Know:
TV is violent.
And it teaches you to be violent.

The fact of the matter is this: when we encounter the Truth of GOD, of HIS infinite wisdom and mercy, all other counterfeit spirituality is no longer attractive.

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