Western Day of Long Knives

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Western Day of the Long Knives

by Stephen Lendman

In mid-1934, Hitler's night and day of the long knives, Operation Hummingbird purge, eliminated regime enemies, executing them to solidify power, Ernst Rohm the best known victim, longtime SA leader.

On March 26, Washington, 21 European nations, Canada and Australia expelled over 135 Russian diplomats as of Monday, a coordinated political conspiracy, including Britain ordering 23 Russian diplomats out of the country days earlier.

More Russophobic Western shoes are likely to drop ahead, anti-Russia political and economic war raging.

Each hostile action piled on previous ones risks heading things toward something much more serious.

Hostility by the West against the world's dominant superpower is madness. If current actions lead to military ones, an increasing possibility, Russian super-weapons can turn Western nations to smoldering rubble overnight – easily penetrating defenses against the
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