Welcome To The Invisible College

Revolve the letters in your mind. Do the math. Purify with water, consecrate with fire. Float through the cards, trace the runes back up the tree, pierce the Veil. Don’t forget to breathe. Enter into the Invisible. For those with eyes to see there is a path marked by a silver thread that leads to that house not built by hands, the abbey on the mountain, the Invisible College.

This satellite campus is devoted to exploring the range of magical techniques, investigating the outer limits of human experience, and to tracking down and bringing to light the latest in occult news, from the highest reaches of Atziluth, to the lowest strata of Assiah. Our adepts in the field are hard at work bringing you updates on emerging conditions on the astral plane, the latest in magical theory and practice, and the changing face of the occult community. With operatives in Lemuria, the lonely towers of the Abyss, and all over the world, we seek to provide news for magicians, by magicians, from a truly illuminated perspective.

Check out our segments featured in episodes of Out There Radio and the new Disinformation Podcast!

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