We Need to Shut Them Down…

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News Story Source: https://www.zerohedge.com by Robert Wright
I have tried just about everything in these pages to induce politicians to see that they are pushing the worst policies since at least the New Deal and are not going to get reelected if they continue their lockdown policies, which could end in bloody revolt if the power or another essential system goes out. 

I've also tried to induce Americans to sue for their freedom on both civil and Constitutional grounds. I've tried to stir their patriotism, and to shame them into rising above the status of mindless test subjects or medieval peasants. I've tried to get "Progressives" to see that they can't have both Social Security and government health insurance simultaneously without increasing the probability of future fiascos. 

I have also proffered two separate ways out of this mess, one recently implicitly endorsed by Elon Musk, and another that no
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