“We Day” — Illuminati Target Our Children


Some 16,000 young Manitobans spent Wednesday getting inspired at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg as part of We Day.
Sound farfetched to say the Illuminati are inducting us into a satanic cult?  The “We Day” program indoctrinate our children under the guise of promoting peace & charity.  Look at the occult dance they are teaching our children. (Below story)
Why would Illuminati heavyweights like Mikhail Gorbachev ( Al Gore and Paul Martin at other venues) take time to address 16,000 school children? 
Local Illuminati leaders (Trilateral Commission Member) Hartley Richardson, (Free Press owner) Bob Silver and (Jets owner) Mark Chipman “sponsored” the Winnipeg event. 
They keep talking about “changing the world.” They are referring to satanic Illuminati rule. This is why “the change” is always for the worse. 
I had never heard of We Day until my 12-year-old-son asked me if I had any pennies that I didn’t want.   This highly publicized event was held in Winnipeg Oct 30th and various dates throughout the year in other Canadian cities.
 We Day is self described as “an educational event and the movement of our time–a movement of young people leading local and global change.”  
The basic angle is that awareness of the world’s great injustices and equalities is raised, and then the question that is directed at our children is, ‘what can WE do about it?”
 Tickets cannot be purchased for this event.  Kids are welcomed for free, but there is a catch.  Each child is expected to commit him/herself to at least one act of local and one act of global charity through Free The Children’s year long engagement programs. Free the Children is a charity founded by Craig Kielburger (We Day front-man) since he was 11.


(Gorbachev, forgotten but not gone) 
While We Day is not specifically a charity, it works closely with charitable partners, and their goal is to inspire our children to become their fundraisers of tomorrow.  Children are encouraged to attend workshops and even summer camps geared toward activism, public speaking and fund raising. This is very typical of Illuminati Communist recruitment.
All major charitable organizations are fronts for generating cash as well as laundering money, behind a smokescreen of good will.  
It doesn’t take much investigation to discover that We Day is Illuminati-connected.  
Past and present speakers include globalist heavy-weights like Al Gore, Mikhail Gorbachev and the Dali Lama.  They are accompanied by the next generation of world leaders like Ben Mulroney and Justin Trudeau. The day’s events will also include a slew of musicians and entertainers to capture the attention of the impressionable crowd, as well as numerous experts in the field of saving our planet from its people.


(Left, We-Day handsign)


Although the causes seem noble, they prey on our collective guilt as the lucky ones who live in a developed county.   Like Hitler Youth were indoctrinated in antisemitism, our children are being inculcated in the Globalist mindset.
We Day is “awakening the spirit of volunteerism,” and “educating, engaging and empowering socially conscious youth to become agents of change.”    
The grooming of our children takes place early.  Under the guise of charity, human rights and equality, they are selecting the most creative and energetic of our youth and twisting their sincere efforts in favour of their Satanic agenda.


Proof that all is not quite right with this organization can be easily gleaned from their website.  Immediately my attention is drawn to their logo/hand sign.  It is identical to one of the hand signs of power as illustrated in H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon.  Although considered by the mainstream to be a work of fiction, Lovecraft’s ties to Freemasonry and the occult are well known.
Also, the We Day dance, among other moves, makes very obvious gestures that go from pointing straight up to pointing down.  Very similar to the gesture for the Hermetic maxim “As above, so below.”  


The We Day website includes numerous informational videos on a variety of subjects.  Professor Jonathan White hosts a series titled ‘Ask the Professor’  (seen here giving the Hebrew ‘shin’ hand sign)
One such video on globalism highlights the economic disparity that exists between the developed and developing nations.  Surprisingly it also goes so far as to point out the crooked dealings of international banks that result in a never ending cycle of indebtedness for their world countries.  But as frank as this presentation is, it does not name any specific institutions (IMF, BIS, world bank) as being directly responsible for this very real problem .  There are no solutions suggested.  We are meant to believe that real change comes from collecting pennies.
When the professor asks the viewer “what can we do?” it is followed with some fun facts under the heading “How do our choices as consumers affect the world of wealth and poverty?”  


(We Day occult dance, “as above, so below”) 
We are given figures about the developed world’s discretionary spending and the costs of reducing world poverty.   For less than the cost of what we spend on things like cosmetics ($18B) or ice cream ($11B), we could provide basic health and nutrition ($15B) or provide clean water and sanitation ($9.5B) to everyone on the planet.  It also mentions the world’s annual military budget at 1.5 trillion, but clearly it is the middle class that is at fault for the state of the world.
He also mentions that $12B would provide “reproductive rights for women all over the world” whatever that means.
Other reasonably radical suggestions are made, such as a 1% tax on the entire world’s population could fix everything.
If anything, these statistics make it clear how easily the worlds ruling elite could instantly rectify all of the injustices on our planet, if only that suited their plan. Ultimately the children are left with a nameless sense of grievance. 
We Day is brainwashing pure and simple.  With catchy tunes, a fun dance and uplifting ideals, our kids are drafted into a cadre, an insipid Western version of the Red Guards. They can be channeled into any number of Illuminati causes.  Little do they know that the hidden hand guiding this and other well funded programs have less than honorable intentions.
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