We Call Bull$hit: Joe Biden Couldn't Get 10 People at a Campaign Rally But He Somehow

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News Story Source: The Gateway Pundit
Former VP Joe Biden is weak and fragile and old.  He couldn't remember where he was on many occasions.  He slurred words and blundered constantly not making sense on many occasions.  He was lost.

Below is an example of only one such incidence at a campaign event this summer:

— Dan Scavino???????????? (@DanScavino) July 13, 2020

As a result Biden's campaign had no excitement at all.  He tried bringing in stars but even that failed with around 30 people at a Biden – Bon Jovi rally a few weeks ago:

Biden's Bon Jovi "rally" in Dallas, PA was a total flop. A few dozen cars. Here is my #MAGA event a few miles away at the same time – now I fully understand why he won't leave his basement. #Trump2020 ???????????????????????? pic.twitter.com/P6TONJ0edy
— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) October 25, 2020

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