Water Purification

Our bodies run on water. Like an auto low on oil, our bodies are greatly affected when we become dehydrated. If you notice you’re acting like a little bitch, you probably just need a glass a water – or an ass kicking. Signs of more severe dehydration are headaches, weakness, fatigue, dry mouth, and tingling of limbs. Also, if you notice your piss is dark yellow, you are also dehydrated.

During the apocalypse, getting a glass of water won’t be so easy. Furthermore, our lakes and streams will be twice as polluted as they are now because of the millions of people who are now shitting and dieing in them. You’ll literally be dieing for some clean water. (Continued…)

Before purifying any water, clean the container you’re going to put the water in. Next pour the water through some fabric to take some of the apocalyptic gunk out. Then you should be able to use the following for killing off bacteria in the water source


Boil polluted water for four minutes. (Make sure it’s a rolling boil) It’s slow, but it works, and can be done anywhere there is fuel for a fire.


Add nine drops of iodine per quart of disinfected water. This is not as good of disinfectant as chlorine but better than nothing.

Chlorine Tablets

Will purify your water, but how many chlorine tablets are you going to pack for the apocalypse?

Water Purification Pump

Very portable, kills most bacteria and can be used for years if cleaned regularly. Just insert in polluted water and pump. By far my favorite survival tool


There are ultraviolet water purifiers that work well and are quite small. However, they are battery operated so you can’t depend on these for the long haul

Artificial Distillation

After the apocalypse, pools of water may have more than just bacteria swimming in them. Artificial distillation will purify water that is heavily polluted. In fact you can even clean sea water and your own urine.

The idea is to boil the polluted water until it becomes steam. This steam will rise out of the container and into your container, leaving the contaminants behind. This may be harder to create for the apocalyptic wanderer, but if your sedentary, I would recommend developing this system.

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