[WATCH] Stefan Molyneux in Powerful Video: 'Donald Trump, STOP THESE WARS!'

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News Story Source: http://www.shtfplan.com, Mac Slavo
War will affect regular human beings in a far more serious capacity than it will the elite and wealthy globalists.  Perhaps that's why there is such a push to start a massive conflict that will lead to deaths of many. But Molyneux is pleading for peace in his latest YouTube video.

He begins his plea by detailing the horrific losses his family has already suffered because of war. He also says he's lucky that he wasn't drafted in a useless war. He said maybe it was fate and maybe he was spared for a reason.

"Maybe that reason is now," says Molyneux. "We can afford war no more. War was one thing when it was twenty men and clubs. War was another thing when it was a few hundred soldiers whacking at each other with swords in a field. War was one thing when it was 1000 archers raining death…in fields far from the general population. War, in the west, is unaffordable. It is unconscionable and it will end not just us, but everything and everyone.&quo
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