WATCH: City Commissioner Hijacks Cop's Award Ceremony to Call Him Out for Being Corrupt

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Tamarac, FL — Here at the Free Thought Project we are constantly reporting on cops who receive awards from their department despite being criminal thugs and rapists. We have seen officers of the year exposed for rape, being in the cartel, and various other exploits that should've landed them in jail far before they ever earned an award for their "service." What we've never seen before, however, is government officials calling out those corrupt cops—during the award ceremony.

This week, a Tamarac Commissioner confronted a Broward Sheriff's Office deputy who was receiving a deputy of the month award. The confrontation was nothing short of epic.

BSO Deputy Joshua Gallardo was receiving a Deputy of the Month commendation at the city commission meeting on Wednesday, which is customary. All the other people in the room were touting the deputy as a superhero while the commissioner patiently waited his turn.

"Deputy Gallardo was able to take the
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