Watch Bill Gates Admitting That His $10 Billion Investment in Vaccines…

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News Story Source: Humans Are Free
According to vaccine-pusher Bill Gates, vaccines are his best investment to date.

During an interview on CNBC, Bill Gates sat down with Becky Quick at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and discussed his investments in vaccines.

During the interview, Gates admitted that he made a return on investment (ROI) of 20:1 over the past two decades.

Specifically, Bill Gates explained that his $10 Billion investment in vaccines, gave him a return of $200 BILLIONS:

In case you have the patience to listen to the full interview, I will include it here and here.

I'm sure you are now starting to understand why so many people have a very hard time trusting Bill Gates. Starting with the motive – his insane profits from vaccines – and then the impossible coincidences – such as Event 201, – Bill Gates and his Foundation are the most visible suspects behind the current PLANdemic.

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