Watch: A Venezuelan Sets the Record Straight on Juan Guaido and US Intervention

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What role is cryptocurrency playing in Venezuela?

What is daily life like in Venezuela right now? Can people work, how are they getting fed?

Is Juan Guaido the legitimate President, or an American puppet?

Is the American military planning to invade?

And could the same Socialist nightmare happen in the USA?

Guillermo grew up in Venezuela and escaped two years ago to Santiago, Chile. Now he works for a business intelligence company researching special economic zones.

He gives his informed perspective on all these questions, and more. From his perspective, Western media is manipulating the facts and intentionally blurring the lines between foreign aid and military intervention.

A few highlights:

On the current Venezuelan government…

"It's basically just a mafia."

Are people still eating?

"There's food, it's just extremely scarce… but there's food because there is still black markets."

"The l
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