Waste Report Shows Ridiculous Government Spending, Like $500,000 On Self-Cleaning Toilet

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News Story Source: https://townhall.com, Bronson Stocking
In a special Fall edition of his Waste Report, the Kentucky senator highlights some of the most wasteful expenditures of our federal government, including a half-a-million-dollar toilet nobody could use and a $22 million project to bring Serbian cheeses up to international standards. 

"Once again, The Waste Report takes a closer look at just some of what the federal government is doing with the American people's hard-earned money, this time including stories of it continuing to turn over so many taxpayer dollars to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, funding research that involves hooking Zebrafish on nicotine, buying textbooks for Afghan students that are subpar or sitting in warehouses, and more in a list that totals over $230 million," states a press release from Sen. Paul's office. 

The Waste Report takes a hard look at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) and the myriad of ways in which they blow through taxpa
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